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Medical Spa SEO

Most consumers start their search for a product or service in the Google search bar. This holds true for medical spas. An effective medical spa search engine optimization (SEO) strategy will ensure your med spa is the one new customers find when they search for the treatments and procedures you offer. The key is to partner with an SEO company with a proven track record working with medical spas like yours.

We are a marketing agency that works with medical spas nationwide to help grow their customer bases by building a robust web presence in their service areas. Our specialized  medical spa SEO team employs industry best practices that have proven themselves effective with clients across markets throughout the U.S. and Europe. We can help ensure that your medical spa business is the one that potential clients find first. Reach out today to schedule a strategy session with an associate from our medical spa SEO agency.

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digital marketing

A-Z SEO Services for Medical Spas

We provide SEO services for medical spas ranging from full-service, done-for-you medical spa SEO to consulting where we work alongside your writers to produce content that gets you in front of the right audience.

Regardless of your medical spa’s SEO needs, one thing is certain: we will get you in front of new customers through content that attracts, informs, and converts.

Our marketing agency combines local SEO, unique content creation, and a comprehensive link building to help your med spa rank at the top of the search results. When potential clients search for a medical spa, or check search engines about the cost of an injectable, or simply have a question about the treatments you provide, we’ll work to ensure they find you. 

We pride ourselves on being easy to reach! Our marketing strategy includes monthly reports on the number of calls you received, the number of visitors to your site, your change in search rank, and more. We even offer monthly or quarterly video reports outlining your medical spa’s digital marketing strategy and SEO campaign’s progress.

Medical Spa SEO Explained

Medical spa SEO—or any search engine optimization, for that matter—consists of 3 activities that work together to increase the organic traffic to your website:

  1. Ensuring Google can crawl and index your website optimally
  2. Working to make your website as relevant to the searches that potential medical spa customers are performing on Google
  3. Building authority and trust for your website through links and content writing

SEO is a unique marketing channel because it turns your med spa website into an asset that only increases in value and profitability over time. 

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We are a full-service SEO company

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On-Site SEO

On-Site technical SEO ensures that your medical spa website is fully optimized and accessible to Google. We take steps including:


  • Ensuring your site is fast to load
  • A full technical audit to find and address any indexing issues preventing your site from being indexed by Google
  • Optimization of your crawl budget and ensuring Google isn’t indexing pages it shouldn’t be even crawling

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