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Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a digital marketing channel designed to improve a website’s presence on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Optimizing a website to rank competitively with Google is part art and part science. There is no single tool or method to win the ranking wars, and a successful strategy must incorporate diverse elements of technical web design, keyword and analytic research,  social engagement, and marketing copy. Among the tools in a successful SEO campaign are link building, content creation, and keyword optimization. Google is constantly updating its algorithm, and a successful SEO strategy must also remain adaptive to the ever-changing search landscape.

We are an SEO agency with locations in New Jersey and Philadelphia. We have built the search engine presence of companies and organizations across a variety of industries for over 10 years.

Search for services in a number of competitive industries in our region and you are likely to find some of our clients.

We offer services ranging from SEO consulting to help you solve a specific problem you may be facing to full-service SEO services.

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Why Customers Choose Sagapixel for
Search Engine Optimization Services:

No Long-Term Contracts

Our performance keeps our clients, not our agreements. This allows for you

SEO Consultants to Guide Your SEO Efforts

Some businesses just need some guidance with their SEO efforts. Need a fresh set of eyes to check your SEO? Our consultants can help you.

A Track Record of Sucessful Search Optimization Campaigns

A sizeable number of the top-ranked websites in a number of competitive markets are our clients. Is your website going to be our next success story?

Our Approach to SEO

We know—there's so much conflicting information about SEO

You’ll talk to one SEO agency that swears by what they do, then talk to another one that says the exact opposite thing is what works.  Without getting too much into details, we’ll put it like this: we employ what are considered industry best practices.

Search Engine Optimization Services Tailored to Your Business

While both a carpenter and a corporate law firm can both benefit from SEO services,  their websites will need very different strategies to rank well. That’s why we take an analytics-driven, systematic approach to out SEO work, adapting our services to your industry and customer base.

Professionally written content by writers with education or experience in the field combined with up-to-date research into search trends will be leveraged to make your website competitive. Your site will reach clients not only when they are explicitly searching for your services, but also as they begin research into getting services and products like yours.

Content That Earns Links and User Engagement

Google’s entire business model depends on being able to deliver the most relevant, accurate results to people that are looking for stuff online. They also have some of the smartest minds in the world developing algorithms to help it accomplish this. With every update Google gets better at delivering improved search results.

As long as we and our clients are delivering valuable content that helps people to find what they are looking for, Google will continue to show our websites in the search engine results.

As long as we develop an online footprint that reflects the quality of the goods and services that we deliver, our  sites will continue to rank.

Let's talk about what we can do for you.

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