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A Little About Us.

We are an SEO agency with an obsessive focus on planning, writing, and optimizing content that drives qualified visitors to our clients’ websites.

We have three teams: a Healthcare SEO team, a Law Firm SEO team, and our General SEO team (which works with companies ranging from gaming PC manufacturers, to financial services, to home services providers, and everything in between).

All three of these teams have built the search engine presence of companies and organizations ranging from small startups to market leaders.

Whether your customer is early in the buyer’s journey, simply researching topics related to your products and services, or if they are ready to make a purchase, our team employs field-tested, proven strategies that will get your company in front of them.

By performing keyword research to identify the steps your customers take on their way to make a purchase and creating content to get in front of them, our team will work with you to get your company in front of your target market at each step.

Check our reviews on Google, Clutch, DesignRush, or any other website that rates SEO agencies and you’ll find glowing reviews from our clients.

We offer SEO services ranging from “done with you” SEO consulting to full-service SEO, including SEO strategy, content briefs and writing, link building, and technical SEO work.

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What Goes Into SEO.

The SEO work we do at Sagapixel has one ultimate goal: drive new customers to your company through organic search.

This is achieved through activities that fall into one of three categories:

  • Ensuring your website is optimally crawled and indexed by Google
  • Maximizing the relevance of your website’s content to the services and topics people are searching for on Google
  • Increasing the trustworthiness and authority of your website through link acquisition and user engagement with your content.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of activities that go into achieving these three goals, but our team of professional SEOs has members specialized in each of these aspects of SEO.

We will work with you and your company to get you in front of your prospective clients when they perform searches on Google. This will involve editing existing pages on your website, as well as possibly adding new pages targeting valuable keywords.

It may involve deploying a content marketing strategy through articles that answer the questions your prospective customers ask Google. Ultimately, we will tailor a strategy to your organization’s needs.

We Have Industry-Specific Insights.

If your organization is in healthcare or legal services, we have probably already done much of the initial legwork needed to get your SEO campaign delivering.

If you’re in another industry, there’s a good chance that we’ve worked with a company similar to yours and the same is valid.

Either way, we likely have proprietary keyword data, content briefs, and other resources that will make delivering value to your organization even easier.

We also pride ourselves on our transparency.

At Sagapixel, you’ll never have to wonder what we’re doing. All of our clients have access to our project management system, which includes a to-the-minute account of all the SEO work we’ve done each month.

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Technical SEO

The first step is to perform a crawl of your website to ensure your website is indexable and accessible to Google. We take steps including:

  • Ensuring your site is fast to load.
  • A full technical audit to find and address any indexing issues that are preventing your site from being indexed by Google.
  • Optimization of your crawl budget and ensuring Google isn’t indexing pages it shouldn’t be even crawling


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