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There’s a reason businesses in NJ and Philadelphia choose us to build their websites. Not only do our websites make your business shine, they are also designed with the strategic thinking of a marketer.

We are not web designers that do SEO—we are an SEO agency in Philadelphia and NJ that build websites that set the foundation for effective search rank, lead conversion, and sales.

What impression does your website give about you? Is the messaging clear on your website? Does it succinctly communicate what differentiates you from your competitors?

These are the questions that we obsess over for our clients.  If you’re looking for a website that successfully communicates what you’re trying to say to your customers, you’re talking to the right group of guys and girls.

We can confidently say that we have built some of the most profitable, effective, and aesthetically-pleasing websites in NJ and Philadelphia

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Our Website Development Process

Establish the Business Goals of Your Website

Most websites are built with a business goal in mind, yet developers at many web design companies seem to forget this. Our projects begin with gaining a solid understanding of the goals you wish to achieve through building or redesigning your website.

Choose References for Your Web Design Project

Once we have an idea of what your new website needs to accomplish, we need to explore different options of moving forward. Your website will be tailored to your brand, using your brand's color palette and typography, but there are a lot of different ways we can incorporate your style into a layout. We will review different websites with you to gain an idea of what you like and what will most effectively communicate the message of your new project.

Gather Assets for Your Web Development Project

The quality of your photos and graphics can make or break your website. Before we begin building, we will gather all of the assets that we will use on your website. This may involve finding a photographer or sending our in-house videographer to your site. It may involve planning your messaging and writing copy for you. All in all, this is the phase where we gather all of the parts that we need to successfully build your new website.

Initial Mockups

Depending on the option you choose for your web design project, we may do up to three different mockups of your project. This is the brainstorming phase of your project where we will present ideas for your website. We will publish the mockups online, where you will be able to view and discuss the options with your internal team.

Build Your Website on a Staging Domain

We build all of our websites on a staging domain that you will be able to view at any time. During this phase we will test your websites on a number of browsers and devices to ensure it works as it should.

Launch Your New Website

Once we are confident that the site is working properly and we receive final approval, your website goes live!

Video Tutorials

You will have a bank of video tutorials that will show you how to handle basic maintenance. They will walk you through basics such as user management, editing text and images, and updating the plugins that power your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a dedicated team of WordPress website designers. We install WordPress on all of our sites because of its flexibility, the large amount of plugins available for it, and its user-friendliness. WordPress was built to be used by people that are not computer programmers.

Yes.  We provide tutorial videos that will show you how to handle the most basic tasks that you will use the site for, like listing job openings, posting pictures of recent jobs that you’ve completed.  All of the websites that we build use WordPress as a content management system—as do most web design companies in new Jersey—and once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy to use as Facebook

The time can vary greatly, but will normally take from a week to a month or two, depending on the complexity of the site. Most sites for small businesses have a home page, services page, about us, and a contact page; these sites generally take 2-4 weeks to complete.

Absolutely. We can set up your site so that you can accept credit cards directly, through PayPal, or both.

We build ecommerce websites using Woocommerce and whatever credit card processing you choose.

Yes, we host websites starting at $15/mo. 

Yes, we do build ADA-compliant websites. If you were not aware, your business’s website is required to be accessible to the visually-impaired.

First, this is important so that you can actually serve the people you wish to reach. Second, it is a legal requirement that can potentially expose you to lawsuits.

All of our websites are built in our office in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

We’ve tried offshoring work in the past and were never satisfied. Whether it was due to language or cultural barriers, our experience is that when you offshore web design work, you almost never get what you asked for.

You will own your website and the licenses for any images we used as soon as the final balance is paid.

We can embed your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds right into your website, as well as provide links to drive traffic to your profiles.

These embeds will automatically update as you post on your social media channels, ensuring your web content stays fresh.

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