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9 Proven Med Spa Marketing Ideas to Fill Your Calendar

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9 Ideas for Marketing Your Med Spa

In this article, I’m going to share some med spa marketing ideas that we’ve used to fill the calendars of medical spas across the United States. Generating consistent leads for your medical spa follows many of the same best digital marketing strategies used by plastic surgeons, dentists, and other healthcare providers. Of course, you’ll want to alter any strategy based on the needs and capabilities of your medical spa and your target audience.

The following med spa marketing ideas should be able to keep your calendar filled:

  1. Build Location Specific Service Pages

  2. PPC Advertising on Google Ads

  3. Work Video into Your Content Marketing Strategy

  4. Leverage Social Media to Increase Engagement

  5. Build Local Citations

  6. Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

  7. Engage with Your Community

  8. Encourage Online Reviews

  9. Network with Other Business Owners

In this article, I go into more detail about each of these.

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1. Build Location Specific Service Pages

One of the best ways of generating leads for your medical spa business is to drive organic traffic from Google and other search engines. Roughly 81% of people use a search engine to find a product or service. So, ranking highly in Google search gives your business greater visibility. The higher you rank, the better your traffic. 

The practice of getting your website to rank more highly on Google is known as search engine optimization, or “SEO” for short.

For a local clinic, medical spa SEO entails creating treatment pages targeting the areas you serve.

This means when someone performs a search for a treatment you provide in a nearby city, you’ll have a relevant page optimized for their location.

For example, someone might search “microneedling tampa” or “microneedling st. petersburg FL.” When they perform these searches, you’ll have ultra-focused pages targeting each “treatment + city” combination.

When you create service pages for each area you serve you’re aiming at ranking in that localized region. The hope is that when someone physically location in Tampa would see the Tampa page even when they perform a search such as “microneedling near me.”. 

Now, this doesn’t mean copying and pasting the exact same content. You should aim for a minimum of 50% unique content for each location’s service page. Simply switching out the location name isn’t likely to result in actually getting these pages into Google’s index.

2. Invest in Google Ads  

The next marketing idea every medical spa should explore is to generate leads through Google Ads’ paid search.

In Google’s results page, paid ads sit above organic results. Having your site first on a page is huge for generating leads. So, start a paid search campaign to put your name first in the results:

google ads paid ads for medical spa
example of paid ads for a medical spa

Being at the top of Google’s results page gives you a greater chance of someone ending up on your website. This increases traffic which, in turn, should generate more leads for your medical spa.

Also, chances are your competitors already invest in Ads. If you’re not, you’re missing out on a huge potential traffic source.

3. Work Video Into Your Social Media Strategy

Video marketing works in much the same way with the same purpose as blogging. The difference is accessibility and reach.

Working video into your social media strategy improves a vast number of metrics including traffic, time on page, and, most importantly, lead generation. Leveraging video marketing means delivering your content in a more easily consumed format.

The main purpose of creating videos for your med spa is to educate, entertain, and engage your clientele, but video on social media can have a strong impact on brand. Plastic surgeons and medical spas that create a strong following on social media platforms can have massive reach of the video content they produce:

social media presence on tiktok

What makes video a better format over blogging is 1) viewers won’t need to read anything and 2) your audience will most likely appreciate having a face to put with the words.

Video also works well for integrating with your social media strategy.

4. Leverage Social Media to Increase Engagement

Almost everyone uses some form of social media. So, marketing your medical spa on social media expands your reach.

Utilize social media to generate leads for your med spa business. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for connecting with potential clients through staying active in local groups or accounts.

Marketers use the term “social proof.” Basically, it’s a phenomenon that states people are more likely to follow the herd. To a person, if something was good for someone else, it’s probably good for them.

Social media serves as a form of social proof.

If someone is happy with the results they got from your medical spa, they might mention you on their social media site of choice. This helps further lead generation as their friends and followers may then turn to you if they ever decide to see what a medspa may be able to do for them.

On the other hand, if a client is unhappy with your medspa, they might share that on social media too. But, these incidents provide you an opportunity to address their concerns and complaints. This then shows you’re willing to admit a mistake and work on making your clientele happy.

5. Get Listed on Online Directories like Realself and Yelp

Online directories have two benefits: first, they are often used to look up online reviews of a medical spa. Second, they might help with search engine optimization (SEO) when they link back to your website, providing you a “backlink.”

Backlinks, links pointing to your website, are an important part of any organic marketing strategy. For local services, like a medical spa, citations on online directories do provide backlinks. The added benefit is these websites help generate leads by sharing positive experiences your clientele has had with your medical spa, as well as directing users to your site.

Citations are basically any link from a local or niche-relevant online directory website.

Users searching for “best medical spas in [city]” will usually find directories or review sites. In the example below, 2 of the 4 top results for “best medical spa Atlanta” are review websites, with Yelp at position 1:

online directory for medical spas

So, if you’re listed on these sites, there’s a chance you’ll grab those leads.

6. Optimize Your Google Business Profile for the Local 3-Pack

The next marketing strategy for generating leads for your med spa is optimizing your Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business).

Google My Business (Google Business Profile) is important for local businesses as it tells Google of important business information like service areas, hours, and contact methods. An optimized Google Business Profile listing also increases the chances of your business appearing in Google’s Local 3-Pack. This feature often appears above many organic search results, placing the including sites further up on the page:

example of the local map results from Google Business Profile

Now, optimizing your Google Business Profile listing doesn’t mean keyword stuffing your business name. That’s actually against Google’s guidelines and could result in a removal of your Google Business Profile from local search results.

That said, including accurate service areas, hours, full business name, contact information, and business description all contribute to ranking in local search.

Your Google Business Profile listing influences:

  • Your appearance in Google’s Local 3-Pack

  • Your business information that shows in local search

  • Your business’s Knowledge Panel

The point of optimizing your Google Business Profile isn’t only to appear in the local search. You’re proving to local searchers that you are, in fact, a local business. In a way, you’re building trust with potential customers. And, that trust helps generate leads for your business.

Ranking in the Local 3-Pack

The Local 3-Pack shows the top three results for a localized area.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile listing for appearing in the Local 3-Pack is great for generating leads to your electrician business or client. More searchers trust the Local 3-Pack than don’t. So, appearing in it means a greater chance of capturing that traffic and generating more leads.

7. Engage with Your Community

Moving away from online for the next lead generating strategy for medical spa; be an active member of your community.

Being a local business, your customers are members of your community. Show you care for your community through local events.

The most obvious form of this would be to sponsor a local event. A parade, a school event, a fundraiser, or any other event presents a great opportunity for meeting potential clients.

Meeting face-to-face with your community helps build trust with prospective clients. That trust could generate leads as the members of your community remember your name and face.

8. Encourage Online Reviews

Like social media, previous customer reviews serve as a form of social proof. Good reviews of your medical spa generate leads as future users compare you against competitors

Now, don’t beg your customers to review you on Google or any other site. No one likes being told to leave a review. But, a gentle, friendly reminder helps encourage your customers to leave their positive comments somewhere. Including an automated email after a treatment requesting a review can help grow your medical spa’s review count.

If your med spa has tons of positive reviews, more people will be inclined to contact you. But, the same rings true in the opposite direction for negative comments.

Manage your reviews and address any negative comments to show you’re willing to fix any problems.

Positive reviews affect your ranking in Google’s Map results. So, manage your reviews and address any negative comments. The more positive reviews you have, the better your chances of ranking locally and generating more organic leads.

9. Network with Other Businesses

Like engaging with your community, network with other beauty industry businesses. By interacting and building relationships with salons, yoga studios, makeup artists, and other similar businesses, you’re building a referral network.

The idea behind networking with other business owners is when one of their customers asks about the types of treatments you offer, the business may refer that client to you.

Building these professional referrals generates leads for your med spa as the customers of other trusted, local businesses learn of your services. The trick is networking with business owners who don’t offer the same types of services as you. 


The marketing strategies that drive leads for medical spas follow many of the best practices for any local business.

  • Develop content marketing strategy for blogging, social media, and video

  • Work on off-page tactics like your Google Business Profile listing and citation building

  • Utilize social proof through social media sites and customer reviews

  • Engage with your community and network with other beauty and self care businesses

One final suggestion; while attending local events or networking with other business owners, have professional brochures or business cards on-hand.

Having physical marketing materials and handing them to prospective customers or business owners helps keep your name in their mind. By taking home a brochure or business card, they’re bringing an easy reminder of your medical spa.

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