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SEO vs. Social Media for Medical Spa Marketing

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Let’s talk about SEO versus social media for Med Spas: which is better, and where should you be investing your money? The short answer is that each is valuable, each does very different things, and in this video, I’m going to explain what those things are.

My name is Frank, I’m the founder of Sagapixel, we’re a med spa marketing agency that works with medical spas throughout the US. After you check out this video, make sure you take a look at the description. We have a full playlist of videos about med spa marketing that you should definitely check out.

Understanding SEO and Social Media for Medical Spas

Let’s start off by talking about what each of these two channels is good at doing.

SEO Will Get You Found by Customers that Are Actively in the Market for Your Services

Let’s start with SEO for medical spas.

SEO is good at getting in front of your customer when they are on Google, actively looking for the thing that you offer. Most of the time, that means the person is explicitly looking for a specific injectable, filler, weight loss treatment, basically the thing that you offer, where you offer it.

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Social media, on the other hand, isn’t going to get you in front of the person right in the moment when they want something.

Social Media Builds Brand and Trust

So, what is social media good at doing for medical spas? Social media is where you build your med spa’s brand and build your trust. It can also be a great place for you to inform your existing clientele about other services that you offer. So, even within social media, however, you have different platforms that are good at doing different things.

Instagram vs. TikTok for Marketing Your Med Spa

Instagram Is Where You Engage with Your Exisiting Clientele

Let’s start with Instagram. Instagram is an engagement platform. Most of the content you see on there is from accounts that you’ve already followed. So this means that you should be focused on using Instagram to stay in touch with the clientele that you already have. These days, it is extremely difficult to grow on Instagram. You’re best off using it to really stay in front of your existing clientele, entertain them, teach them, and use other platforms to get discovered.

So, you had somebody come in for fillers, hit them in 3 weeks with a video on your Instagram about Hydrafacials. You had somebody that came in for fillers, show them that Morpheus video two months later. I think you get the idea.

TikTok Is Where You Get Discovered

TikTok, on the other hand, is a discovery platform. Most people spend most of their time on their “For You” page, which ultimately results in the vast majority of the stuff that people see on TikTok being things that they’re interested in, and not necessarily accounts that they’re following. So, TikTok is the place that you get discovered.

The Intersection of SEO and Social Media

Now, what do TikTok and Instagram have in common when it comes to your buyer’s journey?

It will very often play a part of the consideration phase.

This is where SEO and social media finally cross. While someone may typically discover you through SEO when they’ve explicitly looked for a place to get a hydrofacial or chemical peel, or maybe they discovered you just on their “For You” page as they were scrolling, they really liked a video that they saw of yours, and it turned out that they live near your medical spa.

In either case, there’s a good chance that at some point, they’re going to go over to your Instagram or TikTok account, and this is where they’re going to make the decision whether you are the medical spa that they want to go to.

Investing in Marketing for Your Med Spa

So, which marketing channel should you be spending money on?

Where should you be focusing your marketing for your med spa?

Google, be it through SEO or paid search, is going to be the fastest way for you to get in front of the people that are looking for the services that you offer.

Social media is going to be the place where you build the trust and the expertise that make people want to choose you over the two or three other medical spas that they found on Google, Yelp, or wherever it was that they discovered you.

So, the truth is, you really should be investing in both. The strategy that we usually recommend to our clients is for them to get discovered through Google, be it through paid search or organic search, and drive that engagement through their social media channels.

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