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Google Ads for Medical Spas: 11 Tips for More Appointments

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Are you trying to figure out how to run Google Ads for your med spa? In this video, I’m going to share with you 11 tips that you can use in your Google Ads campaign to start booking more appointments at a lower cost per conversion. So, let’s check it out.

My name is Frank. I’m the founder of Sagapixel. We are a Google Partner and the digital marketing firm that specializes in digital marketing for healthcare, and we’ve run a lot of med spa Google Ads campaigns. So, here’s what we’ve learned.

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11 Tips for Using Google Ads to Book More Appointments for Your Medical Spa

11. Prioritize Mobile Targeting

Target mobile. Your website and your landing page will have a floating button on the mobile site for somebody to call and another one for someone to book an appointment. Because you already did that, you know that it’s going to result in more leads.

And because you have that on your mobile website, you are going to see that a higher percentage of the mobile users actually result in appointments than people that are on desktop. I’ve never seen this not be the case with a Google Ads campaign for MedSpa, so don’t waste your time on desktop and tablet.

10. Maximize Your Ad Score

Do everything you can do to maximize your Google ad score. As you’re running your responsive Google display ads, you’ll see that a box like this is going to pop up. You want to make sure that you’re getting at the very least good, but obviously better if it’s excellent.

Maximize Your Ad Score

And make sure you’re filling out the entire thing: get your logo in there, your business name in there, everything that is below the headlines. Fill it all out. Do everything you can to maximize your click-through rate, landing page experience, and your ad relevance as well. This is going to result in a much lower cost per click and in turn, a lower cost per conversion.

9. Use Landing Pages for all Med Spa Google Ads Campaigns

You really should be using landing pages for your campaign. There are some offerings that are typical to a med spa that may result in getting your ads flagged.

You don’t want your entire Google Ads campaign to be completely shut down because you have a mention of PRP or Botox on the website, and Google doesn’t like it. By using landing pages, you’ll prevent this from happening.

8. Install Anti-Spam Plugins

If you are sending traffic to a landing page that has a contact form on it, and you’re using WordPress, make sure you install Clean Talk. This is the best WordPress anti-spam plugin that I’ve found. It’s on our website as well, and it only costs eight bucks a year.

The last thing you want is to start getting a whole bunch of spam while Google starts optimizing your ad delivery for basically the bots that are submitting those submissions because it thinks that these are real conversions because you didn’t want to spend eight bucks a year on an anti-spam plugin.

7. Use A Call Tracking Program

You have to have some sort of call tracking, with call recording enabled. We recommend CallRail. You want to be able to not only know whether a phone call came from Google Ads or not, but you also want to be able to actually listen to those phone calls and identify any sort of bad leads and how you may be able to tie that back to a specific search or keyword in your Google Ads account.

With the possibilities, the sky is the limit, but you’ll find that you can often tie back a phone call to a specific search, and there are things that you can do with your negative keyword lists to reduce additional calls like that one.

6. Schedule Ads Strategically

Set your Google search ad schedule in three-hour blocks. You don’t want to run your ads 24/7 in one massive block. You don’t want to run them 9 to 5 again in one big block because it doesn’t allow you to make any sort of micro-adjustments.

Schedule Ads Strategically

If you find out that Friday mornings are the worst time for you to be running your Google Ads account, you can actually pause it, freeing up the budget for the rest of the day when the campaign performs better.

Or you may find that Mondays are a wash completely. You can stop running Google Ads then. You know, we’ve had cases where the afternoon, like lunchtime rush, was the best time of day for a campaign to run, and it really didn’t do particularly well before 11:00 AM. We stopped running the ads before 11:00 AM for that client, freeing up the budget for the lunchtime rush.

5. Monitor Search Queries

And honestly, this very well could have been the number one tip: monitor your search queries like a hawk. No matter what you do, you’re always going to have people clicking on your ads that are not your ideal customer.

Very often, they may be looking for something you don’t even do. The only way that you can prevent this from happening at scale is by monitoring your search queries and adding negative keywords to your account.

Now, you’ve got to be careful when you’re adding negative keywords because there definitely is a right way and a wrong way to do it. A wrong way could even prevent your ads from showing at all.

4. Set Granular Location Targeting

Make sure that you have some sort of location targeting that is as granular as you can possibly set it up. This usually means setting up your geo-targeting by ZIP code.

If you, for example, are in the city of Philadelphia, you don’t want to set your targeting to Philadelphia. There are going to be certain neighborhoods where your campaign just simply does not perform, and you won’t know that if you don’t have your location targeting set up in a granular fashion where you can see that.

3. Use Demographic Targeting

Make sure you’re using some sort of demographic targeting on your med spa’s Google Ads campaigns. You’ll eventually find that some of your campaigns or a certain ad group performs better with men versus women, that they do better within certain age ranges and income levels. You want to be able to eliminate anyone that seems to just be a waste of money for your medical spa.

Use Demographic Targeting

2. Implement Audience Targeting

Make sure that you’re using audience targeting. I see so many Google Ads accounts where there is no audience targeting set up at all.

Google quite literally has an audience for people that are interested in health and fitness and beauty. Wouldn’t you want to be able to adjust your bids to bid a little bit more for those people? And you also see that there are audiences that don’t perform as well. Wouldn’t you like to stop showing your Google search ads to them?

1. Conduct Split Testing

And tip number one: make sure that you’re split testing Performance Max, responsive search ads, and your smart campaigns. You will find that one of those three is going to outperform the other two, and your med spa is best off identifying that and then concentrating all of your resources on that campaign. Don’t just blindly pick one and run with it; you may be leaving a lot of money on the table.

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