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Full-Service Medical Spa Marketing Agency

Marketing a med spa can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.

Never before have there been so many opportunities for a medical spa to market to new customers and such ready access to them through their smartphones.

In addition, the trend in medspa marketing from traditional advertising to digital marketing means that everything gets tracked and measured—no more guessing if your medspa’s marketing is working or not.

At Sagapixel, we’re a full-service medpsa marketing agency. This means you won’t have to find someone to run your Instagram ads, another to maintain your website, and another to run your email list, leaving each of your medspa digital marketing channels operating in a silo.

We specialize in providing integrated medspa digital marketing services; in other words, marketing campaigns where each part of your medspa’s marketing helps the others.

If you’re ready to partner with a medspa marketing agency with a reputation for growing practices like yours, you’re in the right place.

medspa marketing agency


MedSpa Marketing Agency

Medspa Digital Marketing Services

Potential patients are searching for med spas that offer your treatments and procedures every day, yet they’re finding your competitors.

It’s time to change that.

We have a team of medical spa SEO experts that will get your medspa in front of these patients. Increased search rank means more patients coming into your front door—visitors that very well may become clients for years.

We also handle PPC advertising for medspas. Sagapixel is a Google Partner and has a dedicated agency rep at Google to help optimize your medspa PPC campaigns.

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with our clients, just reach out.

Web Design Team for Medical Spas

Often, your patients’ first impression of your medical spa will be your website.

Is it leaving the kind of impression that says “luxury and beauty?”

Is your website dark and dreary or light and bright? Is it loaded with overused stock images of 19 year-old models or are the pictures reflective of the more attainable ideals your patients wish to achieve?

We know what works in medical spa marketing—and what doesn’t work. We also know how to build a medspa website that supports its marketing. If your medspa’s website isn’t quite cutting it, we can help.

MedSpa Marketing Agency
MedSpa Marketing Agency

Why Medical Spas Choose Sagapixel

There are several medical spa marketing companies. The difference is that we’re one of just a few that delivers. Plain and simple.

That’s why we don’t require our clients to sign long-term agreements; our results keep our clients, not our contracts.

In addition, we tailor all of our medical spa marketing to our client’s individual market and budget.

Instead of going through the motions of deliver cookie-cutter marketing to your medspa, we’ll dive into your market and identify the opportunities that are most likely to get new patients in the door.

Finally, we offer exclusivity to our clients in your market. Unlike other medpsa marketing companies, you won’t have to worry about us working for you and one of your competitors.

Full-Service Medical Spa Marketing Services

MedSpa Marketing Agency

Local SEO

Our medical spa SEO includes targeted location-specific optimization. Sagapixel built its business on performing high-quality local SEO. Some of the services we perform include:


  • Ensure the NAP consistency of your business listings and Google My Business
  • Report any spammers you’re competing with in the search results
  • Our in-house link builders will help launch you to the top of the local results for medical spas in the Google My Business map pack

Don’t take our word for it.

Do a quick Google search
& check out our reviews.

Past Results


Telemedicine Website: 150 – 34,000 Monthly Visitors in 6 Months

MedSpa Marketing Agency