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Social Media vs. SEO for Plastic Surgery Marketing

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Let’s Talk Social Media vs SEO for Plastic Surgeons

Social media and SEO are two very different marketing channels that are complimentary to one another.

In this video, I’m going to share with you how you can get them to work together, what each one can do, and what each one cannot do.

So let’s get into it: social media vs. SEO for plastic surgeons. Which is best?

Digital Marketing Agency for Plastic Surgeons

My name is Frank, I’m the founder of Sagapixel.

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SEO for Plastic Surgeons

SEO for plastic surgeons is almost entirely a demand capture marketing channel.

That means that when people want what it is that you do, and they turn to Google and they look for it, SEO will get you in front of them.

The same thing goes for paid search, Google Ads.

To be honest, SEO is not really adept at making people want to get a service.

Now, there are some cases where you can write blog content that talks about a topic or a problem.

People then see what you provide as being the solution to that problem.

But generally speaking, SEO is not the primary channel that we use for demand generation, i.e., making people want to get a specific procedure or treatment.

It’s the channel that you use when someone is actively in the market searching for the procedure and treatments that your clinic offers.

Or the marketing channel that you use to get in front of patients as they’re researching the problem, just Googling, asking questions of Google.

Social Media for Plastic Surgery

Social media for plastic surgeons, on the other hand, is not primarily a demand capture platform.

Generally speaking, social media is good at brand building.

It can help to nurture leads that come in, for example, through Google Ads or SEO, or frankly, even referrals.

It can be useful for generating demand.

An example of this: a plastic surgeon showing the before and after of someone that he did some procedures for.

It very well may be that someone will view this video.

They know they have issues.

They had never really thought about getting a facelift or a necklift, but now that they see this video, now they’ve generated demand.

Integrating Social Media and SEO

This all leads us to the next question: should plastic surgeons be marketing on social media or through SEO and Google Ads?

My answer is you should be doing both, and it needs to be done in an integrated fashion.

If patients in your market are actively looking for the procedures that you perform, you need to get in front of them.

You’re going to do that through Google Ads and SEO.

Social media, on the other hand, is going to be adept at getting the patients that have found you through organic search and paid search to actually book a consultation with you.

And maybe after the consultation, they’re considering whether they want to proceed with the procedure or not.

Your social media could help them to make that decision and provide them valuable information that they’re going to need to make that decision.

In addition, the content that you’re creating for your SEO, the content that’s going on your blog, will be greatly assisted by creating video content.

That’s uploaded to places like YouTube, Instagram Reels, TikTok, which will end up first driving a lot of that traffic from SEO over to your social media channels.

Where you can then nurture those leads as well as just do a better job of showing people who you are and demonstrating your expertise.

The Importance of Video Content

Ultimately, people are still primed to Google before they TikTok or YouTube.

Meaning that there’s a lot more potential for traffic and just getting in front of new patients through Google.

But as we all know, no one likes to read.

Video content that starts off its life on social media but then is put into the articles on your blog will do a great job of actually engaging that organic traffic.

Practical Steps for Integration

So, in practice, what does this look like?

Step 1: you write an article.

You will have gone through the entire content process that we use.

But basically, you’re ensuring that your content is going to be more comprehensive and information-dense than anybody else in the market that is targeting that query.

That article is going to get written.

It’s going to get optimized for search.

It’s going to get published on your blog.

Once it’s actually live on your website, we’re then going to shoot a video that follows that same outline.

Shoot Accompanying Video to Get Embedded

That same video is going to get edited, uploaded to YouTube, and embedded in the article.

The YouTube video is going to have links over to the article.

The article naturally is going to be linking back to the YouTube channel.

Repurpose Your Social Media Content Across Platforms

You’re going to take that same video and dice it up into smaller parts for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram Reels, which will get cross-posted over to Facebook.

And now, from that one article outline that you produced for your blog, you now have your social media calendar built out, and frankly, it’s going to be a lot more effective.

A lot of that traffic that’s coming through organic search that you otherwise would have never heard from again is going to end up engaging with your social media and hopefully seeing you on their “For You” page, which is going to give you a lot more bites at the apple, so to speak.

I hope that this video was helpful.

If you’d like to talk more in detail about how we could help you execute this strategy for your plastic surgery clinic, there will be a link in the description to book a time with me.

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