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Juan is the head of web design at Sagapixel, overseeing all of our projects from kickoff to launch. He has extensive experience designing websites for businesses ranging from lawyers, to manufacturing, to healthcare.

Top 5 Plastic Surgeon Websites & Why They’re Good

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The first step towards getting a new website for your plastic surgery clinic is to find examples of websites you like — and websites you don’t like.

Collecting examples of websites to share with a client is the first step to plastic surgery website design.

This exposes us to lots of websites.

Juan, our head of web design, put together a list of the best plastic surgery websites he has found, along with an explanation of what works the best on them.  He also shares his take on how he would improve these clinics’ websites.

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As you may gather from our website, we are a plastic surgery marketing agency that many plastic surgeons choose to redesign their websites. We build websites that set the groundwork for SEO for plastic surgeons.

Michael Zarrabi Plastic Surgery


plastic surgery website design

What Works About This Website

  • States exactly what they do and where.
  • Social proof is established above the fold.
  • Quick access to before and after results.
  • Services listed at the bottom of the page, sneak preview that entices user to scroll down.
  • Provides short patient testimonials.

What I Would Improve

  • Add a clear call-to-action above the fold.
  • ‘Schedule your consultation’ call-to-action button should be closer to the top.
  • Provide contrast for the phone number button using the accent color.
  • Add more contrast between the main header and background image.
  • Space out navigation items using the whole width of the grid, add top padding and more contrast against background.
  • Services’ names need more contrast against background images.
  • Each main service takes the full height of the screen causing extra scrolling. Would shorten these to 50% of the screen height.

Perk Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills


website for plastic surgeon

What Works About This Website

  • Elevated, elegant and formal design conveying these same values about the company.
  • Simple heading explaining what they do in 2 words.
  • All contact information is present at the top.
  • Prompts a fixed banner at the lower left corner to get the user’s email address.
  • Services mega menu is clearly organized.
  • Feels light as you scroll down and draws the flow

What I Would Improve

  • CTA copy should state what the user could get by clicking on it.
  • Needs a contact form and it should be close to the top.
  • Schedule consultation CTA should be closer to the top of the page.
  • Would move the doctors’ info higher on the page, instead of talking about the values of the company.
  • Move social proof icons above the fold.
  • I would showcase more services on the homepage, with a brief description for each one, in the same section, instead of having to scroll down to get to each one.
  • Don’t see a need for a gallery link on the homepage. Would showcase galleries within each service page.

VIP Plastic Surgery


plastic surgeon website

What Works About This Website

  • Eye Catching banner up top for CTA to make an appointment.
  • Excellent choice of photography.
  • Bold clear headings, with compelling copy that summarize each section’s function.
  • There’s a CTA in every section as you scroll down the home page.
  • Many services highlighted in the same section. Easy access to each one.

What I Would Improve

  • Would get rid of the hamburger menu on desktop.
  • Would also simplify the information architecture. There are too many items on the menu.
  • Add a one-sentence description of what the company does in the hero section.
  • Add a contact form or replace the “View Services” CTA for a “Make your appointment” one.
  • Get rid of the “photos” section in the homepage.

Bellevue Aesthetic


plastic surgery clinic's website

What Works About This Website

  • Simple, clear and complete navigation menu.
  • Heading stating exactly who they are, what they do and where in 6 words.
  • Contact CTA in the hero section.
  • Beautiful hero background image, but does not compete at all with the message and CTA.
  • Clear services section, in the same section.
  • Contact CTA mid-scroll as well.
  • Every section has a CTA.

What I Would Improve

  • Social proof right after the fold. Badges.
  • Add testimonials to the homepage.
  • Simplify the about-us section with the Dr’s section.
  • Would make the contact CTA mid-scroll pop quite more with a more colorful background.
  • I would also add a button to it.
  • Move map to contact page.
  • Hero is very colorful, I would add a bright accent color throughout the rest of the page.

Laser Away


cosmetic surgery clinic website

What Works About This Website

  • Interactive and fun way to showcase services, prompting the user to fill out the form right as the last step. Original idea.
  • Social proof right below the fold. Even gives a sneak peak of this section while on the main page.
  • Contact CTA mid-scroll with yet another interactive section, asking the user what he wants to accomplish on the site.
  • Section on how payment works. This info is important and the section provides all the info needed in just a few, easy to read words.
  • ‘Get $100’ CTA to invite friends to join the community. Fixed on scroll.

What I Would Improve

  • The Services section has a lot of blank space to the sides, and looks like a mobile version. These should have been set up in a 2row/4cols layout so the user can scan them all in one sight.
  • CTAs for services should be bright pink as default, instead of just on hover. To make them pop from the rest of the content on each one.
  • ‘What do you want to do?’ section could look more appealing and less like a questionnaire. Doesn’t look fun to fill out.
  • Instagram feed could be moved to the bottom of the page.
  • ‘The Nation’s Leader in Aesthetic Dermatology’ does not have enough contrast between background and copy. Copy should be dark gray as in the rest of the site.
  • ‘Book Now. Pay Later.’ section could be more prominent, by using a bright pink background with dark gray text as well.
  • ‘Get $100’ CTA could be bright pink as well. I almost missed it at first.
  • Navigation contact info bar gets lost. My eyes go straight to the services’ form. A different background color would work to make it pop.

I would add a testimonial section for social proof.

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