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Finding Content Ideas & Keywords For a Blog Using Ahrefs

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Finding Content Ideas & Keywords For a Blog Using Ahrefs


First, Content Research

Hey everybody, this is Frank and Max at Sagapixel. We’re going to be doing a little bit of content research for one of our clients that does basement waterproofing. We’re looking for some low hanging fruit as far as getting some traffic to his blog. We’re starting off with the Content Explorer. We’re going to enter the topic “french drains” and we’re going to see what posts seem to, I’ll just do “French drain” singular, and we’re going to see what posts seem to be getting traffic for the website.

Find Topics That We Can Rank For

Filter out sites with high domain ratings (DR)

Obviously, we’re not going to try to compete against This is a new website and it has nowhere near a domain rating of 80.  We’re going to filter that out. We’ll go to domain rating. We’re not going to get anything that’s over 25 actually. Try to just narrow it down like that. All right. Now we’re down to 2,000.

Filter out posts with low traffic and those with a high number of referring domains

I don’t want anything that’s not getting any organic traffic at all so let’s set this from 50. All right. We’re down to 25 already. We can already take a look at some of the posts that we can get some information from. As I go down, some of these have like, this one has 46 referring domains. I don’t want that either so I’m going to set this to a max of let’s say, a max of 20.  Obviously, this post is not off the bat, going to have all these links.

Find articles to choose a topic focus

Here we have a number of articles that we’re going to take a look at. This one grabbed my eye. It’s a Blog Spot post so it’s interesting that it’s ranking at all. Let’s open it up and take a look at what it says.
French drain design.
The cool thing about this one is that it has a whole bunch of pictures. We’re unfortunately not going to have that but we’re going to be meeting with this client next week. We’re going to tell him, “All right, I’m starting this post. I need you to get me a whole bunch of pictures of a French drain design you’ve given and what we can do as far as beefing up the content.”
I think we may have a winner here as far as getting a starting point for what we need to talk about. We’re going to look at some other ones here as well. As we go down, all right. Drainage system types. This isn’t mentioned explicitly, “French drains,” and it has a very low domain rating but it seems to be getting organic traffic of 80 posts a month so that’s intriguing as well. Here we’re going to review this and we’re going to see what we can get. There really isn’t much here. I’m surprised this is ranking at all.

Find keywords to target in the new topic

We’re going to look into what kind of keywords we can be targeting from here. On step  we grabbed two articles and we know that they’re ranking for things related to french drains but I want to see what else they’re ranking for so I’m going to grab this URL to start off with and we’re going to go to Site Explorer.
Set it to that exact post, prefix. Okay. This post has 111 organic keywords that it is ranking for. We’re going to download them. Full export. Export it. Now we’re going to go over to the dry basements. SEO work. Okay. We’re going to do check folder for blogs. We’re going to go in there. All right. We’re going to start off by create and share. French drains. Okay. From there, I’m going to go back SEO work, keyword analysis.

Place keywords in spreadsheet

I’m going to add onto this sheet. This one is going to be called French drains. I actually haven’t downloaded it yet so let me go in here. I’m downloading this list and basically, what we’re going to be doing with it is, we’re going to take all of the keywords that this blog is ranking for and we’re going to make sure that we find the most attractive ones and include it within the blog post. Delete these. I’m going to grab all of these. I don’t care about the CPCs.

Use keyword list to create the post outline

We’re go in here and go back over to the keyword analysis for French drains, paste it in and then the next step is going to be that Max is going to highlight a number of these to look for keywords that are going to make sense within the post that we’re going to write and he’s going to make sure that we have sections that are really covering all of these different topics. I hope that this was a good insight into how to find topics, how to identify keywords that you’re going to actually have a chance to rank for.

Wrapup of what we did

Again, step one; we went to the Content Explorer, looked into French drains. Step two; we grabbed a couple of these posts and we threw them into Site Explorer. We downloaded all the keywords that they’re ranking for and now we have A, a topic to cover and B, the keywords that we know that we really need to touch upon when we’re writing the post.

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