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How to Build an Email List for a Medspa: 5 Tips

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You’ve heard that it’s possibly the most important aspect of your medspa marketing, but no one tells you how to build an email list for a medspa.

Luckily, there are a number of time-tested tactics that work when building an email list for a medspa, cosmetic surgeon, or any similar sort of practice.

This article is going to share 5 tactics you can implement today to start building your medspa’s email list.

Why Should Customers Opt Into Your MedSpa Email Lists?

Do you remember the last time you subscribed to a company’s newsletter or email list…?

Why did you do it? Maybe because you loved the brand, because you were promised useful tips, or because you would receive a discount.

There are a lot of different reasons, but all the reasons for joining an email list all have one thing in common: the subscribers get value.

So, one thing is clear: giving your subscribers value through your email marketing is good for your medical spa.

What sort of value can you provide your potential email list subscribers?

No one is going to sign up for your email list if they don’t know what they’re going to get out of it, regardless of the tips we share in this article.

For that reason, you need to be able to communicate a good reason to sign up, such as:

  • Receive a discount of X% on your next visit if you sign up
  • Stay in the loop with our upcoming events and beauty webinars
  • Sign up so you know about specials we’ll be running!

build email list for medical spa

Once you’ve communicated what you’ll be sharing, it’s time to start collecting email addresses. Here are tips to build your email list  for your medical spa both online and offline.

1. Collect Email Addresses During Checkout

This is the best way to build loyalty among your current customers. Give your customers a good reason to sign up for future specials or events as they’re checking out.

This is the surefire way to build your medspa’s email list if you already have a client base that you simply want to get back into the spa more frequently.

2. Collect Email Through Your Wifi

Guest Wifi is a quick and easy to implement way to build a strong and loyal email subscriber list.

How does Guest Wifi work?

STEP 1 The client arrives at your Medical Spa, selects the network and connects to Wifi with one of their social profiles or through a form.

STEP 2 Once the client has logged-in, the browser can inform them about your products and offers and/or invite them to follow you on social media.

STEP 3 You get insights of great value: data from your clients, both demographic and geographic (gender, age, postal code, birthday…) and contact information (email and telephone) that you can use in your campaigns.

When people use Wifi at your medical spa they subscribe to your email list and, at the same time, they give you permission to communicate with them.

Keep in mind that It’s illegal to send marketing emails to anyone who hasn’t given you their permission.

3. Pop-Up Form on Your Website

While pop-up forms are annoying, they do work—if you have a good offer.

Telling someone to “sign up for your newsletter” is nowhere nearly as effective as telling them they can “sign up to find out about specials and discounts.”

Ultimately, your pop-up’s effectiveness will be directly aligned with whether your offer is enticing enough for your customers to provide you an email address.

If you’d like to talk to someone at Sagapixel about developing tactics to collect emails through a popup form, click here.

4. Put Your Email List Form in a Sticky Part of Your Website

Don’t stop with a pop-up.

Often people reflexively close them without even looking at the offer. Follow up on our pop-up with a sticky email opt-in form in the header or sidebar of your website.

While your user is scrolling up or down the page, they should constantly see your email opt-in form. With a sticky bar your email sign-up form lives across your website and gives your visitors the opportunity to sign-up to your email list when they’re ready.

5. Webinars and Live Streams

Webinars can be tricky to do for medical spas, but they can be an effective way to build your email list.

Providing a webinar series where you share beauty tips and answer people’s questions can be a way to get people that aren’t even your customers to opt into your email list.

This is much easier if you have someone on your staff that already has an audience, but if you don’t, social media ads can be effective in getting in front of people and encouraging them to sign up.

After You’ve Built Your Medical Spa’s Email List

Whether you get your customer´s emails in the offline world or in the online, when you send relevant, timely and with a good CTA emails, you’re bound to watch your Medical Spa grow.

If your emails are interesting, educational, and strategic, your audience will look forward to your next message, putting you that much further ahead of the competition.

Once you’ve actually started building your email list, you’ll have the opportunity to include photos or videos or, you may send out a promotional offer or your specials for that month.

These ideas are great, but you can take your medspa marketing to the next level using location-based marketing and behavioral targeting.

These solutions will allow you to send out messages in a particular series that is targeted towards a specific demographic (gender, age…) or a specific behavior (loyalty, types of treatments…).

For example, you may want to target an audience for laser hair removal treatments. In this case, you would set up a sequence of emails about hair removal.

Written By: Frank Olivo & Lucía González Ramos, Marketing Manager Flame analytics – Flame Analytics is the leading BigData and AI platform that helps transform and make physical spaces smarter with its omnichannel digital marketing and analytics tools.

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