PPC Management Services that Cut The Waste in Your Paid Campaigns

PPC Management That Drives Sales

Sagapixel is a certified Google Partner delivering aggressive, ROI-focused PPC management services.

Unlike SEO services—which can take months, or even years to begin delivering predictable leads and sales—PPC can drive sales and leads for your company almost immediately.

Our team takes an aggressive approach to PPC management, actively working towards finding and eliminating wasted ad spend.

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Frankly, we’ve seen how effective PPC management can transform a business—we’ve also seen how it can burn through ad budget.

We pride ourselves on delivering obsessively active management of your PPC campaigns, poring over each search query every week and weeding out searches that aren’t converting for your campaigns.

We’ve managed tens of millions of dollars in ad spend, which has allowed us to collect data and built resources that allow us to leverage that data from past campaigns to prevent waste in your account.

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What Goes into PPC Management?

Effective PPC management requires:

  • Conversion rate optimization through regular split-testing of landing page copy.
  • A deep understanding of search intent—is someone looking for information when they perform this search or are they ready to buy?
  • Active management of negative keywords. Even the most mature Google Ads account will have irrelevant clicks in the search queries report—it’s our job to stop them from wasting your ad budget again.
  • Audience monitoring. Does your campaign do particularly well with women over 65 who are luxury shoppers? The data should be able to point out insights such as this that can be used to lower your cost per acquisition and maximize the impact of your PPC ads.
  • Optimization of automated and manual bidding
  • Adjustment of keyword match types
  • Quality score optimization
  • Testing of ad campaign formats (paid search, Smart Campaigns, Performance Max Campaigns, etc.)
  • and a whole lot more…

PPC Reporting You Understand

A key part of PPC management services is reporting on the results.

We won’t send unintelligible reports full of bars and graphs you don’t understand.

We tailor our PPC reports to focus on the numbers you care about.

Whether you’re the Chief Marketing Officer at a large company that wants to track dozens of KPIs or a business owner that simply wants to know how many calls you got from your PPC campaign, we have you covered.

Our PPC managers maintain a Google Data Studio dashboard that is entirely customizable to the metrics you wish to track. No need to dig through pages of charts and graphs you don’t care about to understand whether your PPC campaigns are working or not.

We can also provide call tracking so that you can actually listen to the leads you received, not just see them recorded as conversions.

We will configure all of this tracking for you to keep as long as you are in business.

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We Don't Just Offer PPC Management of Google Ads

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Split Testing Ads

Any good PPC management service split tests ads against each other – We’re no different.

  • What calls to action get people clicking on your ads?
  • What tweaks to ad copy seem to help your PPC ads get more impressions and a higher CTR?
  • How do adjustments to the ads improve your Ad Quality Score?

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