ROI-Driven PPC Management

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PPC Management That Drives Sales

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Pay-per-click ads are the fastest way to get leads and sales for your company.

Unlike SEO services—which can take months, or even years to deliver an ROI—PPC can drive sales and leads for your business almost immediately. Additionally, there are queries for which the majority of the clicks go to PPC ads, placing all of the competition for traffic in the paid ads.

If your company needs to drive sales and revenue today, paid ads are the way to go.

At Sagapixel, we treat our PPC campaigns as if it were our own money we were spending. We pride ourselves on delivering obsessively active management of your campaign, poring over each search query every week and weeding out searches that aren’t converting for your campaigns.

We’ve managed tens of millions of dollars in ad spend, which has allowed us to collect data and built resources that allow us to leverage that data from past campaigns to prevent waste in your account.

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We Hate Waste.

We’re the type of PPC management agency doesn’t rely on gut feelings to manage your campaign.

We rely on data.

Our approach to PPC management is driven by the observation that 80% of the leads and sales in any PPC campaign come from 20% of the keywords, times of day, days of the week, audiences, etc. While there are instances when we work to find new ways to expand the reach of PPC campaign, our focus is usually on cutting out the parts of your account that aren’t delivering an ROI.

By freeing up your PPC budget from keywords, times of day, and days of the week that don’t convert into leads, we can concentrate your ad spend on the 20% of your PPC account that does drive leads.

Combining active management of your PPC account with Google’s automated bidding is a recipe for successful PPC management.

PPC Reporting You Understand

We don’t send unintelligible reports full of bars and graphs you don’t understand.

We tailor our PPC reports to focus on the numbers you care about.

Whether you’re the Chief Marketing Officer at a large company that wants to track dozens of KPIs or a business owner that simply wants to know how many calls she got from her PPC campaign, we have you covered.

Our PPC managers maintain a Google Data Studio dashboard that is entirely customizable to the metrics you wish to track. No need to dig through pages of charts and graphs you don’t care about to understand whether your PPC campaigns are working or not.

What Goes into PPC Management?

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Split Testing Ads

Any good PPC management service split tests ads against each other—we’re no different.

  • What calls to action get people clicking on your ads?
  • What tweaks to ad copy seem to help your PPC ads get more impressions and a higher CTR?
  • How do adjustments to the ads improve your Ad Quality Score?


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