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Law Firm SEO that Drives Leads

Effective law firm SEO services can be transformative for a law firm. A law firm with a strong search engine presence can usually count on having a full pipeline of leads

One Thomsons-Reuters study showed that 38% of legal clients use the Internet to find an attorney. This is a golden opportunity for you to get in front of these prospective clients on search engines, demonstrate your expertise, and get them on the phone.

Any law firm knows that ranking highly on Google can make the difference between struggling to get new clients and being able to pick and choose your clients. However, not everyone has realized that writing about the right legal topics on your website is the equivalent of having being the legal authority on a topic as potential clients search online.

We are a law firm marketing agency that specializes in law firm SEO services.

We can get you ahead of your competitors on Google, while also identifying and writing about the legal topics your potential clients are researching.

Perform a search for legal services in any large market in the United States and you will see law firms that have benefited from our law firm SEO services. There is a reason lawyers choose us for SEO.

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Content Marketing By Attorneys... For Attorneys

Doing SEO for lawyers is much more than getting your website to show up #1 for a few keywords related to your area of practice.

Before your client ever performs a Google search for a lawyer, first he researches the legal issue he is facing. As a matter of fact, 96% of people seeking legal advice search for it on Google. We’ll get you in front of them then, in addition to when he searches for x lawyer near me.

For example, someone facing a foreclosure is much more likely to start the bankruptcy process by Googling how to stop a foreclosure in NJ than they are to immediately search for a bankruptcy attorney. This is a golden opportunity.

Combining keyword research techniques with experience working with other attorneys in your area of practice, our law firm SEO experts will leverage their knowledge of your marketplace to deliver results.

Sagapixel is also one of the only law firm SEO companies in Philadelphia with attorneys on staff to write this content.

Transparent SEO for Lawyers

You’ll find our law firm SEO services deliver transparency that is second to none. Each minute of time spent on your SEO is accounted for in a time-stamped system that reports everything we do.

In addition, we know that you’re an attorney, not a legal marketing expert. We provide videos that walk our attorney SEO clients through our reports. We explain in detail what has been done, what the results have been, and what we’re working on next. There’s no guessing, no obfuscation, only clear communication about your law firm’s SEO.

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Full-service SEO services for lawyers

SEO content writers

on-site seo

The first step is to have our technical SEO ensure your website is fully-optimized and accessible to Google. We take steps including:

  • Our technical SEOs will start by ensuring your site is fast to load.
  • A full technical audit to find and address any indexing issues that are preventing your site from being indexed by Google.
  • Optimization of your crawl budget and ensuring Google isn’t indexing pages it shouldn’t be even crawling


Legal SEO Gets Your Firm in Front of Clients Looking For Representation

When was the last time you bought anything without researching it first? Today, sites like Yelp help us decide the best place to go for a burger and fries. And Wirecutter gives us all the relevant information we need before deciding which products to purchase. So when it comes to legal services, it seems unreasonable to believe that people wouldn’t be conducting their own in-depth research. Today people are quickly and easily exploring all options before making any decisions. By utilizing SEO and content strategy correctly your clients can feel more informed and in control of their purchasing power.

Is Your Law Firm’s SEO Delivering Results?

Many SEO agencies can talk the talk, but are they actually generating new clients? When it comes to writing SEO and content, law firms need to be handled differently than other industries. So while your agency may have a proven track record for increasing traffic metrics, it doesn’t help your business if they’re not bringing in prospective clients.

Beware of Vanity Metrics Like CTR and Pageviews

Maybe your registered users increased, or your downloads and raw pageviews grew. But these numbers can be easily manipulated and they often do not correlate to numbers that really matter. If the agency you chose started strong but ultimately flatlined, it could be due to their lack of expertise in more than one discipline. A well-rounded team is essential not only to sustain and grow your business but ultimately to save your law firm from wasting time and money. You want a team that can cover market strategy, conversion optimization, UX and content strategy in addition to technical SEO and social media.

A team that works in-house is also important. When agencies outsource work, it can come off disjointed. Your law firm can greatly benefit from an in-house team that has been carefully assembled, as opposed to generalists assigned to handle your account. You want a team of people that are confident in their respective area that can build a long-term strategy.   

A Slow Death By Cookie Cutter Contracts

Many of the large legal-focused SEO companies save costs by reproducing strategy and content for their clients who are often in the same geographic region. Which means your firm could be caught overpaying for work that is doesn’t differentiate them from the competition in their area. The ways in which potential clients engage with your content is constantly changing. Which is why getting caught in a long-term contract can mean a slow death for your firm. If your strategy isn’t able to pivot and shift with your clients, the results could be detrimental for your firm. But if your large legal-focused company knows they’ve got you locked in, the could start charging you for tasks that are necessary to keep your strategy relevant.

Is Your Law Firm SEO Agency Working With Your Competition?

There is a lot to be hesitant about when it comes to choosing agencies. Working with your competitors shouldn’t be one of them. It seems like common sense but it makes sense to ask if your potential agency is working with your competition. It also makes sense to do your research. You want your agency to be taking market share away from your competition, not parsing out which law firm gets what, or constantly wondering how much your competition is paying.

Clients are not likely to stumble upon your services. It takes real effort and strategy in this highly competitive market. The money you spend is wasted if no one can find your website. And clients are much less likely to click your page if they have to scroll past your competition’s awards before reaching your site. A full-service marketing strategy means that your agency can take care of finding clients so you can focus on what matters: your practice.

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