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We're more than NJ website designers — we're a team of digital marketers.

SEO-Ready Website Design

At Sagapixel, we’re not just a group of WordPress web designers—we’re a digital marketing agency that employs the latest trends in web design to help our clients accomplish their goals.Companies throughout NJ choose Sagapixel as their web design company for a number of reasons.To start, we design beautiful websites that can serve as the centerpiece of your organization’s marketing—both online and offline. Often, your website is the first impression your customer has of your business. A well-crafted website with a design aligned with your brand will create the first impression you need to make. 

Choosing Sagapixel as your web design company means you’ll set the groundwork for successful online marketing. You’ll know that your website was built with SEO—or your preferred marketing channel—in mind.

Whether you’re a manufacturer located in Jersey City, a dentist operating in Freehold, or a contractor in Cherry Hill, we can help you to build a website that you can use to jumpstart your digital marketing.

Take a look at some of our past work and you’ll see why Sagapixel is regularly recognized as one of the top web design companies in NJ.

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Websites You Can Edit — Unless You'd Like Us To

There’s nothing more frustrating than needing to change something on your website and not being able to get it done quickly and efficiently.

This will not be a problem for you.

Our web developers are always available to make edits to your website and/or handle simple maintenance. Usually, we’ll take care of it for you within 24 hours. That said, you won’t be totally dependent on us to make edits to your website.

We have a bank of tutorial videos that will show you how to make simple edits to your website using Elementor. If you need to change the wording of a paragraph, swap a photo out for another, or do something simple like change the hours listed on your website, our videos will walk you through it.

Website Design — With a Focus on SEO

Isn’t it a bit silly to hire a website designer in NJ to build a website, only to hire an SEO to change it so it will rank well on Google?

At Sagapixel, we’ll launch your website with the proper pages indexed (and no-indexed), title tags set, appropriate schema markup, the correct version showing (www. vs. non-www.) and all the other stuff you often need to hire an SEO company to audit and fix.

It makes a lot more sense to just build it right from the get-go.

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From Multiple Layouts to Pre-Built Templates

Options are good.

Another thing that makes us unique among web design companies in NJ is the fact that we offer the option of choosing from multiple layouts when building a new website.

This means that we’ll assign the project to three different website designers and present three different mockups, each with unique perspectives that you can mix and match.

For companies that don’t necessarily have the budget for those options, we also have a number of prebuilt website layouts you can choose from.

Give us a call.

You’ll get why companies
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Yes. All of our sites are built with WordPress as a content management system. We install WordPress on all of our sites because of its flexibility, the large amount of plugins available for it, and its user-friendliness. WordPress was built to be used by people that are not computer programmers.

Yes.  We provide tutorial videos that will show you how to handle the most basic tasks that you will use the site for, like listing job openings, posting pictures of recent jobs that you’ve completed.  All of the websites that we build use WordPress as a content management system—as do most web design companies in New Jersey—and once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy to use as Facebook

The time can vary greatly, but will normally take from a week to a month or two, depending on the complexity of the site. Most sites for small businesses have a home page, services page, about us, and a contact page; these sites generally take 2-4 weeks to complete.

Absolutely. We can set up your site so that you can accept credit cards directly, through PayPal, or both.

We build ecommerce websites using Woocommerce and whatever credit card processing you choose.

Yes, we host websites starting at $15/mo.

Yes, we do build ADA-compliant websites. If you were not aware, your business’s website is required to be accessible to the visually-impaired.

First, this is important so that you can actually serve the people you wish to reach. Second, it is a legal requirement that can potentially expose you to lawsuits.

All of our websites are built in our office in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

We’ve tried offshoring work in the past and were never satisfied. Whether it was due to language or cultural barriers, our experience is that when you offshore web design work, you almost never get what you asked for.

You will own your website and the licenses for any images we used as soon as the final balance is paid.

We can embed your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feeds right into your website, as well as provide links to drive traffic to your profiles.

These embeds will automatically update as you post on your social media channels, ensuring your web content stays fresh.

10 Best Website Designers in NJ for 2020

NJ is home to a number of well-respected web design companies and Sagapixel is proud to be considered one of them. With important commercial hubs in North Jersey, such as Hoboken, Jersey City, and Newark, as well as a number of important companies in Central and South Jersey based in Princeton, Freehold, and Cherry Hill, there are many web design companies in NJ that provide web development.

How to Pick the Right NJ Web Design Company for Your Business

It can be difficult to choose the right web designer for your company’s new website. There are plenty of web design companies in NJ to choose from—how do you choose among them?

Ask to see similar websites to what you would like for your business

Naturally, you want to see work they’ve done for other companies, but focus on looking over websites that are of a similar style to what you’re going for. For example, a company that has done loads of websites for lawyers may not be equipped to design an ecommerce website for a tshirt company.

Check the performance of the websites in the company’s portfolio

Use a free tool such as GTMetrix to test the load times of the web design company’s websites. This will allow you to get an idea of the web developer’s ability to design websites that load quickly.

Typically, the website should load in anywhere from 1-3 seconds. 3-5 is approaching the slow category, and any website that takes more than 5 seconds to load has a problem.

Determine whether this is an actual web design company or a freelancer

Working with a web design company vs. a freelancer has both pros and cons. When I say “web design company,” I’m referring to the number of team members. Many freelancers start a “company” where they do all the work.

Pros and cons of having a web design company build your website

Pros of working with a web design agency:

  • Should be insured
  • Much less likely to disappear mid-project after accepting a job somewhere
  • Should have more than one team member that handles each task. If someone quits or gets sick, your project won’t be entirely stalled

Cons of working with a web design agency:

  • Typically cost more
  • Very large web design agencies can’t provide the one-on-one attention of a smaller agency or freelancer
Pros and cons of having a freelance web designer build your website

Pros of working with a web design freelancer:

  • Personalized attention
  • Cheaper than an agency of similar quality

Cons of working with a web design freelancer:

  • When they get backed up, you’re gonna have to wait to get stuff done
  • Known to disappear mid project, leaving the job half done
  • If they get sick or something happens to them, you’re out of luck
  • Very rarely insured. If you ever take them to court, there’s a good chance you won’t ever see a penny

Companies like Sagapixel can provide comprehensive web design services, video and animation content, search engine optimization and strategic messaging to help distinguish your brand from the rest of the pack.  If you need comprehensive web design and SEO services in South Jersey, give us a call at (856).701.7947 or contact us through our website to arrange for a consultation.

Many companies invest in a beautiful website but ignore the importance of SEO. There are many web design firm can make your business a website that looks nice and does what its supposes to do, but a digital marketing firm will build a website that will drive business.

Contrary to what they may claim on their websites, most of the website design companies in NJ are not versed in internet marketing, and having a website that is not gear towards marketing  puts your company at a disadvantage. Many web designers know how to make your online business look appealing, but what value does it have if customers never see it?

Choosing a web design firm is an important choice for your company, and you need to find the right fit for your needs and budget. We can provide the solutions you need to grow your online business and reach towards your  goals. To help your business find the right firm for its needs, we’ve created a shortlist of website designers in NJ.

DISCLAIMER: This list is provided to educate companies about their options for a web design company in NJ. It does not constitute an endorsement of any firm or its services.

Sagapixel Web Design

Sagapixel is a premier South Jersey web design firm based out of Cherry Hill. While many firms only focus on the aesthetics and functionality of web design, we approach web design as a cornerstone of digital marketing.

At Sagapixel, an interdisciplinary team of content creators is prepared to give your business a comprehensive digital marketing solution. Sagapixel is ready to work with your company to elevate your web strategy and digital marketing efforts.

Leveraging meaningful content with cutting-edge search engine optimization strategies, Sagapixel can help its clients punch above their weight and develop strategies to challenge market leaders’ domination of the Google results page while maintaining competitive pricing.

523 Hollywood Ave Ste 201, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

View Sagapixel’s Portfolio

JK Designs Inc.

JK Designs Inc. has 30 years of experience in the world of marketing design. Starting as a small design shop, they have grown into a large team that can work in all fields of corporate design. They work in all fields of design, including print, video content, web design, and corporate branding.

Their team can They have a particular focus on mobile apps and social media experiences to engage with their clients customer base. Their specialty is working with heavy-industry and pharmaceutical companies, like All Clad Metal and the BNSF Railroad.

465 Amwell Rd, Hillsborough Township, NJ 08844

View JK Designs’ Portfolio

South Jersey Website Designs

South Jersey Website Designs was created in 1997, and grew from an IT consulting group into a successful web design firm,  Since then they have been providing web design services to small and medium-sized companies, mostly in South Jersey.

The firm prides itself on integrating the goals and philosophies of their clients into their web design. They can guide you through the web design process to get you a website that meets your needs and specifications, as well as providing SEO work to get you to the top of Google’s search results.

525 NJ-73 Suite 104, Marlton, NJ 08053

(609) 422-5888

View their Portfolio

Splendor Designs

Splendor Designs creates brands for businesses and also develop modern and interactive websites. They can also market your business and your brand to help you deliver a strong and lasting impression on potential clients. As a firm, they focus on customer engagement. Putting the customer’s needs first is their design philosophy. They also offer SEO services to bring your brand to the top of Google’s search results.

50 Broad St #1, Red Bank, NJ 07701

(732) 295-1551

Splendor Designs’ Portfolio

Creative Click Media

Creative Click Media offers a large variety of services, ranging from web design, SEO and email marketing campaigns, to animated video production. They execute several marketing methods which deliver exceptional outcomes for their clients. An integral member of their community, Creative Click donates over 30 hours a month to assisting local charities and non-profits with their web design needs.

20 N Main St, Manahawkin, NJ 08050

(609) 337-3020

Creative Click Media’s Portfolio


A website is a crucial tool for businesses because it can turn visitors into potential clients if you deliver your information well.  worldwideRiches understands this and, along with their SEO services, help to build top ranking websites for businesses that can draw in clients and business. They have worked in the field since 1996, and are one of the oldest dedicated SEO firms in the state.

21 Brown Terrace, Cranford, NJ 07016

(908) 709-1601

View their Portfolio

Elwood Studio

The husband and wife team at Elwood Studio has been helping small business clients meet their design needs since 1988. Their business philosophy involves forward-thinking designs and close collaboration with their clients.

They present individualized solutions that scale with the needs of their clients. A small team of design specialists work directly with clients to meet their needs in web design, software development, and graphics. A local small business in Clinton New Jersey, Elwood puts a personal touch on all their clients projects.

37 Main St Suite 5, Clinton, NJ 08809

(908) 534-3410

View Elwood Studio’s Portfolio

David Taylor Design

In 2007, Creative Director David Taylor left the corporate world with a dream: to strike out on his own as a web designer. Ten years later, that dream has become David Taylor Design The firm he founded has grown into a successful small business that works with clients across the tri-state area to meet their web design needs.

Their small team of dedicated professionals (and one very loyal puppy) will support your web design needs, from local businesses to major corporations.

3 Wing Dr #240, Cedar Knolls, NJ 07927

(973) 317-8765

David Taylor Design’s Portfolio

Sheer Web Design

Sheer Web Design is a small Glassboro firm that has worked in web design since 1998. They are a subsidiary of Sheer Web LLC with a focus on digital marketing. Led by writer Reesa Marchetti, Sheer specializes in “white hat” web design. Sheer will write original content to drive view to your website. Their experience with a range of clients from Christian ministries to local fashion brands can help your small business meet its goals.

451 Whig Ln, Glassboro, NJ 08028

(856) 881-6000

Sheer’s Websites Portfolio

Lform Design

Lform Design promotes their web design work as “built to last”. Their team handles all design work inhouse, with no outsourcing.

They specialize working with businesses-to-business clients, but also advertise responsive web design and search engine optimization for other clients. An award winning design firm based in Montclair, Lform is a local solution for business web design needs in New Jersey .

42 Park St, Montclair, NJ 07042

 (973) 233-3333

View Lform’s Design’s Portfolio

The Right Design Firm For Your Business

A web presence is required for any modern business to be successful. Social media references and Yelp reviews are the new word-of-mouth. Without a website, your company isn’t just missing the online market. It’s practically invisible! Even local mom-and-pop stores can benefit from an effective website design.

Sagapixel’s friendly, experienced team is ready to meet your web design needs. Give us a call for a free consultation!

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