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As experts in digital marketing for therapy practices, Sagapixel can help your business grow, gain more qualified leads, and ultimately, boost your bottom line. We’re specialists in SEO, PPC, and web design services for helping therapists reach potential new patients. Our dedicated therapy marketing team uses a combination of proven digital marketing strategies specifically designed to expand your audience reach and grow your mental health practice.

Start attracting new patients and boost your online visibility with our best in class digital marketing services:

Our digital marketing services work together to deliver a customizable and comprehensive strategy designed to boost visibility to your target audience and attract qualified leads to your practice. 

Plus, our marketing services are month-to-month—no long-term contracts. That means you can trust us to deliver results without having to commit for months at a time.

Ready to elevate your therapist digital marketing strategies? Connect with our team now to discover how our expertise in your industry can enhance your business’s online presence and expand your audience reach.

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Telemedicine Website: 150 – 34,000 Monthly Visitors in 6 Months

Digital Marketing Services For Therapists

Our comprehensive suite of digital marketing strategies are specifically designed for therapists and tailored to your practice’s specific goals.

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SEO Services for Therapists

Therapists and other mental health professionals often struggle to gain new patient leads and grow their practice in a competitive market. But, Sagapixel’s therapy practice marketing expertise utilizes proven digital marketing strategies that can expand your audience reach and fill your patient pipeline with qualifying leads. 

When correctly implemented, Sagapixel’s SEO services can elevate your search engine rankings, drive qualified organic traffic to your website, and—as a result—expand the base of new patients for your Therapy Practice. Check out some of our SEO services for Therapy and Mental Health Practices like yours:

  • Technical Audit: Our dedicated team of therapy digital marketing specialists conducts an in-depth technical audit of your website, identifying and addressing any issues that might impede its performance.
  • On-Page Optimization: Our SEO experts focus on on-page optimizations to ensure that your therapy practice is effortlessly found by patients in search of your services. We strategically optimize key pages with relevant keywords, fine-tune meta tags, and enhance headers for easy discovery by prospective patients.
  • Local SEO: Amplify the local visibility of your mental health practice to draw in more patients and bolster your online standing. Our targeted local SEO strategy fine-tunes Google Business prfoiles, creates citations, manages reviews, and tailors content to local search queries, ensuring increased competitiveness within the local landscape.
  • Link Building Campaigns:  Our digital marketing experts in therapy don’t just place links randomly. We create linkable assets that organically draw in high-quality backlinks, contribute guest posts to reputable high DA sites, and employ broken link building techniques to fortify your website’s backlink profile.
  • Content Creation: The key to establishing authority and genuine connections with prospective therapy patients is high quality content creation. Our SEO experts are poised to develop a comprehensive content strategy, showcasing your expertise and positioning your website as an indispensable resource for potential patients.

The SEO services we provide today can drive traffic to your site and increase patient leads well into the future. SEO has a long lifetime value and offers some of the best ROI compared to other digital marketing channels or traditional marketing strategies.

Google Ads and Social Media Marketing For Therapists

Most therapy and mental health practices can no longer survive off of patient referrals alone. You need to get your business’s name in front of prospective patients, boost your online presence, and fill your patient pipeline to remain competitive in the therapy industry. Our team of therapy PPC specialists craft customized, budget-friendly advertising campaigns designed to connect with your specific target audience. Plus, we’ll weed out the searches that aren’t converting to maximize your budget. 

If your therapy practice needs to drive more qualified leads and fill your sales pipeline today, PPC management is what you need.  Here are some of the paid search and social media advertising strategies we employ– 

  • Therapy Competitor Analysis: Our PPC specialists in therapy practices meticulously analyze your primary competitors to pinpoint opportunities and devise cost-effective strategies for promoting your services on platforms such as Google Ads and Meta.
  • Actively-Managed PPC Campaigns for Therapists: Make the most of your PPC investments by implementing targeted campaigns to elevate website traffic and enhance patient engagement. Our approach involves refining keywords, conducting A/B testing, and optimizing landing pages to ensure optimal results.
  • Social Media Advertising Strategy for Therapists: Enhance your brand recognition and connect with qualified therapy patients on their preferred platforms. Our experts devise and execute precise social media advertising strategies to engage with potential, existing, and new patients.
  • Reputation Management for Therapists: Cultivate a positive digital presence with comprehensive online reputation management. We highlight patient satisfaction and monitor for unjust reviews to maintain a favorable online reputation.

Paid search advertising can drive leads to your therapy practice overnight. Unlike SEO, which can take a few months for you to see results, PPC can deliver leads as soon as you turn the ads on. Plus, they stop as soon as you turn them off, meaning you have ultimate control over your ad spend.

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Web Design for Therapists

Our dedicated team of web design professionals crafts web designs for your therapy practice that are both user-friendly and responsive. By prioritizing conversion rate optimization, our design approach ensures your website attracts more than just vanity traffic; it generates qualified leads to fill your patient pipeline.

  • Increase Patient Engagement: Boost your lead generation efforts by refining the user experience on your therapy practice’s website. Our expert web designers specialize in crafting an intuitive platform that seamlessly engages potential, current, and new patients.
  • Responsive Web Design: Now more than ever, cross-device viewing is a vital factor in web design. Our team of web designers ensures that your website is adaptable and optimized for desktop, smartphone, and tablet viewing. 
  • Distinct Branding: We understand that your therapy practice is far from ordinary. Our mission is to uncover the aspects of your practice that make you stand out and effectively communicate them to potential, new, and existing patients. Through thoughtful design, our team ensures your website conveys your unique brand identity, fostering an authentic connection with your audience.

Your website is more than just an online brochure—it’s often the first impression patients have of your therapy practice and forms the basis for successful digital marketing campaigns. We want to ensure that your website is not only gaining traffic, but driving qualified leads into your patient pipeline. 

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