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Legal Marketing Services that Deliver

Successful law firm marketing can be transformative for a legal practice, regardless of its size. 

Having a steady pipeline of leads is the most challenging part of running a law firm, and finding a legal marketing company that is capable of filling that pipeline is challenging.

Legal marketing companies seem to abound, yet it can be difficult to tell the ones that are able to deliver consistent results from the ones that really don’t have a clue.

At Sagapixel, you’ll be working with legal marketing experts that have successfully driven leads for a law firms ranging from personal injury law firms, to family lawyers, to workers’ compensation attorneys, and everything in between.

We’re also not a jack-of-all-trades, master of none, SEO company. We have a team with decades of experience in legal marketing to manage your law firm’s marketing efforts. Our team is so effective that we often handle the client fulfillment for other marketing agencies in Philadelphia and the rest of the country as a white-label provider.

If you’re looking for a highly-regarded legal marketing company to bring your law firm to the next level, reach out today.

Legal Marketing Company Specializing in SEO

It’s no secret that increased rankings on Google can predictably and steadily fill a law firm’s pipeline of new clients.

Our law firm SEO services are where our legal marketing team shines.

From a content quality standpoint, we employ attorneys to write and/or review all of the content that goes onto our client websites. While other legal marketing companies employ freelance writers that will write about personal injury for you right after they finished writing about recipes or travel, you’ll have a JD we’ve trained in SEO to produce your content.

We also have a link building infrastructure that is hard to find in the legal marketing industry.

Links from other websites are a key ingredient in getting a website to rank highly on Google; they’re also exceedingly hard to acquire unless you have a complex infrastructure (which we have). Instead of submitting your website to hundreds of directories, our team will acquire backlinks for your website through a manual process that is scalable and that delivers predictable results.

PPC Management for Law Firms

Pay-per-click advertising on Google Ads is the fastest way to generate steady leads for your law firm.

According to trade publication Search Engine Land, up to 33% of searches end up clicking on the ads on Google. While this number does vary from one area of practice to another, the truth is that paid search ads deliver leads for law firms—if you know what you’re doing.

Not only do we know what we’re doing when it comes to legal marketing, but we are a Google agency partner. Our PPC management service is among the best in legal marketing and can deliver results that you won’t find at many other marketing agencies.

Have you ever seen a law firm PPC campaign convert at 46%? We’ve done it.

Reach out to us today and let’s discuss how we can maximize the number of conversions driven by your PPC advertising on Google Ads.

Google Partner PPC management services

Web Design for
Law Firms

Your law firm’s website very well may be the center of its legal marketing. You need a legal marketing company that will get it right the first time.

Instead of relying on a “web guy” that knows nothing about legal marketing, partner with the legal marketing company that literally wrote the guide to attorney ethics and websites (search for it—we’re right after the ABA on Google for attorney ethics websites).

We’re a legal marketing company that builds websites for lawyers that not only effectively communicate what you’re hoping to say about your law firm, but that sets the groundwork for successful SEO.

We’re also the type of legal marketing company whose web design team builds websites with the groundwork for a cohesive integrated legal marketing program. We build websites with solid technical SEO at their core.

Full-Service Legal Marketing Company

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