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Effective YouTube marketing isn’t just about racking up views. It’s about connecting with the right viewers – those who need the services you provide and likely to become customers.

A good YouTube marketing agency focuses far beyond simple view counts.

We delve deep into understanding your ideal customer profile, planning and crafting video content that resonates with them, and targeting our promotion efforts to reach the audience segments that matter most to your business.

Partnering with Sagapixel means more than just hiring a YouTube marketing agency.

Working with us will provide you a dedicated team of YouTube marketers who are passionate about growing your company.
We don’t plan content just to get views. We focus on your unique business goals and challenges, tailoring our strategies to fit your specific needs and opportunities on YouTube.
Our collaborative approach ensures that you’re always informed and involved in the process, working together to build a YouTube channel that not only attracts viewers but also drives real, measurable business growth.
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YouTube Marketing that Dovetails with Your SEO

Your target audience isn’t just on YouTube. They’re turning to Google for answers and information, making it crucial to ensure your videos show up there, too.

We implement a multi-pronged strategy that optimizes your YouTube channel not only for YouTube search but also for Google rankings.

By embedding your videos directly into your blog posts, complete with “SEO-optimized” transcriptions, we create powerful content hubs that both search engines and your customers love. This gives you double the opportunity to capture organic traffic from both platforms—and the engagement that only video can deliver.

Why is this superior to traditional SEO content marketing?

Simple: viewer engagement.

Let’s be honest—people skim the headlines. How is your blog content going to “sell” if people don’t read it?

Videos, however, command attention and deliver information in a more engaging format. By pairing your YouTube videos with SEO-optimized transcriptions, you’re essentially creating a multimedia experience that appeals to a wider audience and keeps them on your page longer.

Plus, YouTube’s subscription model allows you to build an ongoing connection with viewers, nurturing them into loyal customers over time – something that text-based SEO alone struggles to achieve.

YouTube SEO and YouTube Ads

Every video you produce is an investment, and we’re dedicated to maximizing your return. Our team of YouTube SEO specialists conducts in-depth keyword research to identify high-potential topics that align with your target audience’s interests and search behavior.

We don’t waste time on content that won’t resonate or rank well. We strategically select topics that target the types of searches your target customer performs that you have a genuine chance of ranking high in search results.

But ranking is only half the battle.

To truly capitalize on YouTube SEO, you need to capture and hold your audience’s attention. That’s where Sagapixel’s expertise in hook scripting and call-to-action optimization comes in.
We craft video introductions that immediately grab viewers and keep them engaged throughout the entire piece.
Our scripts are designed to deliver value while subtly guiding viewers towards the desired action, whether it’s subscribing to your channel, visiting your website, or making a purchase.

Don’t take our word for it.

Do a quick Google search
& check out our reviews.

A YouTube marketing agency such as Sagapixel specializes in helping businesses and creators optimize their YouTube presence. This includes  channel setup and video production to audience growth, SEO optimization, thumbnail testing, hook writing and testing. We have the goal of increasing views, engagement, and ultimately, driving business results.

Unrivaled Reach: As the second largest search engine (following Google), YouTube boasts over 2 billion monthly active users, offering an immense potential audience for your brand.

Odd are, your target customer uses YouTube.

Engaging Format: Video content is inherently more engaging than text or static images, allowing you to connect with your audience on a deeper level and convey your message more effectively.

Search Engine Dominance: YouTube videos often rank high in Google search results, providing an additional avenue for organic traffic and lead generation.

Long-Term Value: Unlike social media posts that quickly fade from view, YouTube videos have lasting power and can continue to attract views and drive results for months or even years.

In other words, it is possible to create evergreen YouTube content, unlike other social media platforms.

Targeted Advertising: YouTube’s sophisticated advertising platform (Google Ads) allows for precise targeting, ensuring your ads reach the right audience segments based on interests, demographics, and behavior.

Measurable ROI/Return on Ad Spend: With robust analytics and tracking tools, you can easily measure the impact of your YouTube marketing efforts and track key metrics like views, engagement, and conversions.

Brand Building: YouTube provides a platform for storytelling, allowing you to build a stronger brand identity and foster a loyal community of followers.

Investing in YouTube marketing isn’t just about creating videos; it’s about harnessing a powerful platform to reach, engage, and convert your target audience, ultimately driving significant growth for your business.

There are several pricing models for YouTube marketing agencies, but we are on an hourly model.

We’ve chosen this model because it is the most straightforward for clients and for us. Our client provides a budget each month and we use that budget towards agency hours. Everything our YouTube marketing specialists do is recorded in a time-stamped Google Sheet, so both you and we can account for how time was spent.

This also allows for flexibility in the statement of work. If you ever decide to bring a specific reponsibility in-house, such as posting the videos, it will free up budget for other activities from our team.

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