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Get More Patients for Your Chiropractic Practice

You can wait for the referrals to come in. 

This is a slow process, but one that will lead to your chiropractic office thriving over time.

You can do a branding campaign.

This is the traditional route that old-school chiropractors opt for. Put up billboards, advertise in the newspaper, sponsor your local little league team.

The problem with this approach is that everyone is doing it. Most of the older chiropractors in your market haven’t realized that marketing online is substantially more effective (and that’s a good thing for you).

You can hire a company that does SEO for chiropractors.

Most of the older chiropractors in your market are still stuck doing things the old way.

This means there’s an opportunity for you to get more patients through search engine optimization.

As you can imagine, there are lots of people that search on Google when looking for a chiropractor. Don’t take my word for it, however. Below is the Google Trends data on searches for “chiropractor near me:”

Finding a good SEO company that specializes in SEO for chiropractors could be the advantage you need to start getting more patients, which will get you more referrals, kickstarting the cycle to growing a successful chiropractic practice.

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Accessibility and Website Performance

Your website will never rank highly on Google if its crawlers are unable to crawl it.

Many of the chiropractor websites we inherit from local web designers have technical issues that are holding the website back from ranking highly. To begin:

  • Our in-house website designers will start by ensuring your site is fast to load.
  • A full technical audit to find and address any indexing issues that are preventing your site from being indexed by Google.
  • Optimization of your crawl budget and ensuring Google isn’t indexing pages it shouldn’t be even crawling

Link Building

Links are critical when doing SEO for a chiropractor.

Every time a website links to your practice’s website, it is considered to be a “vote of confidence” to Google’s ranking algorithm.

Think of it like this: would link to the website of some fly-by-night operation? Naturally, it wouldn’t.

We work to earn these sorts of links to your website, creating the trust signals that will increase the likelihood of your practice showing up in the top results in the towns you serve.

Content & Blog Writing

Websites will not link to you unless there’s a reason to.

We may write content for your chiropractic practice’s website, creating linkable assets that are worthy of earning links passively.

We may write guest poists for health and fitness blogs, earning links back to your site and driving the trust signals your website needs to rank highly.

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Chiropractic SEO Experts

Technical SEO

The first step is to perform a crawl of your website to ensure your website is indexable and accessible to Google. We take steps including:

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