PPC Case Study


63% increase in Conversion Rate in 8 Months

Telemedicine PPC case study


Increase in CTR 


Increase in Conversion Rate


Increase in Conversions


This was a telemedicine startup that competed in the highly competitive online healthcare space. The client came to us after managing this account themselves. 

At the time of taking over the account, the single most important problem was the high cost per lead. There was a single active campaign in the account that targeted a wide array of keywords, which were often informational. These informational keywords drove up the cost in the account and negatively impacted the Quality Score as well. 

The other concern we addressed was the necessity to pause ads in certain states when demand was low. The account wasn’t structured to accommodate this, so it became a priority to address. 

This account had a yearly ad spend of around ~400k. 


The first problem we addressed was that of breaking up the singular campaign into multiple other campaigns by geographic area. This allowed us to manage the budget by state and control when the ad was live without repeatedly adding & removing locations from targeting. In addition, this change allowed us to tailor the ad copy and landing page by state. 

  • Implementing granular geotargeting to gauge traffic from specific counties & cities throughout the state allowed us to spot several counties throughout their service area that were very expensive. This insight from our campaign structure allowed us to make bid adjustments accordingly, helping reduce the cost per lead when possible. 

Next, we addressed cost per lead by being very aggressive with adding negative keywords. We uncovered that many of the main drivers of cost were keywords that were informational in nature, which helped us bring down the cost per lead over time. We also tracked CTA split tests to gauge how they affect conversion rates, which allowed us to optimize our landing pages for better conversion rates. 

Overall, the campaign structure and processes we created for this client enabled them to expand and provide services from just four states to 14.

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