How to Post New Products in WooCommerce

Frank Olivo

Frank Olivo is the founder of Sagapixel. He writes on a number of topics related to digital marketing, but focuses mostly on web design and SEO.

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In this video, we’re going to teach you how to post a new product using WooCommerce.

The first thing that you want to go to do from the dashboard is you’re going to go down into products, and you’re going to come down where it says “add new.” Now from here, you just want to put your, obviously, the product name.
For example, I’m going to be pulling this one product off of Akiles. I’m not actually going to post it. Just as an example. Then you want to select the category, what page it will show up under. These are the tags right down here. So let’s just say this is going to go into coil binding systems. Now a tag, these are the categories that we’re doing from the home page. So let’s just do coil binding. And you’ll click add. Now you can select your product image. This is the image that will show up prominently on the website. So let’s just select this as an example. Then down here are the product galleries. So these are the additional pictures that you’ll be able to see, and you’re able to select multiple pictures, and you upload all of them.
Then as you come down, this is just going to be a simple product, so no variations for this one. Your regular price, you’re just going to put whatever it is that the MSRP is and then what you’re selling it for, if it has a sale price. If not, just put your regular price down. Then you’re going to want to come down and put your description in there. So let’s just copy and paste this. All right. And this looks just about good. Whenever you’re ready to post it, then you’re going to go ahead and click publish, and it’ll go live.

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