How To Manage Users and Permissions of Your WordPress Site Using Woocommerce

Frank Olivo

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How To Manage Users and Permissions of Your WordPress Site Using Woocommerce

This video’s gonna walk you through the process of handling your users and your customers, as well as the “permissions” for different users.

So when you log into the website at , you’re going to see this screen. So if you see things that come up, like there’s an update for, we can just X this out. Dismiss this stuff, so we don’t need to look at this right now. You’re gonna scroll down to where it says users and click on all users.

Now, users are going to be both customers and people that are “employees” on the website. If you want to erase somebody, you just click their name, X to them, go over, delete. If you want to do like in bulk, you can select a whole bunch of them. Click delete and then hit apply and it will get rid of all of them. If you wanted to change somebody’s role, you can then just again, click next to their name and change role to administrator, author. So basically, these go down in power of what you can do. Administrator, you can do everything. Editor, you can do everything to the website, but you can’t change people’s roles or add new users or anything like that. An author is able to write posts for your blog, which isn’t really gonna be … I’m sorry, is gonna be able to write and publish blog posts. A contributor can write posts, but isn’t actually able to post them. Subscribers are somebody that is able to get into the … to follow what’s going on here, and then from here on, shop manager really is only gonna have access to Woocommerce, which is going to be the next video.

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