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WordPress web design company that sets the groundwork for successful SEO.

SEO-Focused WordPress Web Design Agency

At Sagapixel, we’re not a bunch of “web guys”—we’re a digital marketing agency that has built some of the top-ranking attorney websites in the most competitive markets in the United States.

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We build websites for law firms requiring nothing less than exceptional work. Clients will judge you and your practice based on your website, with it often serving as the first point of contact they have with your law firm.

Just as your office, business card, and even your suit say something about your practice, so does your website. Let’s make sure it’s saying what you want it to say.

Choosing Sagapixel as your law firm’s web design company means your will have a website that has already set the groundwork for successful SEO.

It will also mean that you’ll be working with a company that can boast of having designed some of the most successful websites for lawyers in the U.S.

You’ll also be in a position to continue working with us once your website is complete. We are a Google partner that can handle your PPC advertising, as well as your law firm SEO.

Reach out to us today so we can schedule a quick call and put together a proposal for you.

digital marketing
digital marketing

SEO-Optimized Website Design

Isn’t it a bit silly to hire a website designer to build a website, only to hire an SEO to change it so it will rank well on Google?

At Sagapixel, we’ll launch your website with the proper pages indexed (and no-indexed), title tags set, appropriate schema markup, the correct version showing (www. vs. non-www.) and all the other stuff you often need to hire an SEO company to audit and fix.

It makes a lot more sense to just build it right from the start.

Starting a New Law Firm?

We can handle everything you’ll need to get the marketing started for your practice. From designing a logo, to designing and ordering your business cards, to hiring a photographer, we’ll take care of as much or as little as you need.

We also should be able to get new intakes for you almost immediately upon launching your new website.

Through paid search, often referred to as pay-per-click or “PPC” advertising, we can place ads on Google for keywords related to your areas of practice. Your new law firm will hit the ground running.

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Numerous Law Firm Website Design Options

One thing that separates us from other web design companies for law firms is that we design three layouts for our standard web design projects, not just one.

We assign the project to three different web designers on our team, present the three options to you, then you can mix and match the various features you like about each layout.

For clients that are on a limited budget, we have attractive, effective prebuilt layouts we can use to build your law firm’s new website. Reach out and we’ll be happy to show you a demo.

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