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You’ll Be Able to Edit Your Website Yourself – An Elementor Walkthrough

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So one of the most common questions that we receive from prospective clients is, what happens when it comes time to make edits? Will I be able to edit the website myself or am I going to need you guys to make any sort of little edit?

And the answer is you’re really not … You shouldn’t need us for very much at all. We use a visual page builder called Elementor that pretty much allows you with a minimal amount of technical knowledge to go in and edit the images and text on site. This video is going to be a little demonstration of me actually logging into a client website that we’re currently working on and making some edits. So let’s check it out.

I’m going to log in back into WordPress like you probably already have at your organization if you are using WordPress. And I’m going to go over either two pages and find the page that I want to edit and click on edit with Elementor. Or I can go to the front end of the website and I can go over to the page that I want to edit. In this case, I’m going to go to commercial. And I’m going to clicK up top where it says edit with Elementor.

Once it loads, I’m going to go over first and make an edit to the title. There are two ways that I can edit this. If I click on it, you’ll notice there’s a box over on the side. Type the new title. Let’s do a title case here. All right, so type the new title. Or I can also do this in line, select it all, and this is a title. If I wanted to change an image in a background section, there are two ways. Like in this case, I should be able to just click here and select the section, but it’s not quite working for some reason. So I’m going to right click and edit section. I’m going to go over to style and you’ll see that this is the background image. Click here and I’m just going to select this image instead now. And there we go. This works for pretty much everything here. Here, I click on one of these boxes. It allows me to … I’ll select the icon that’s going to go in the spot. If I want to go to the text below, I can change it pretty easily.

So as you can see here, editing with Elementor is quite easy. The navigation, the headers can be edited as well. As I was logging into this page, you probably noticed that it says edit with Elementor head, footer. This is the way that we can go in and actually edit the navigation. So you are able to actually edit your headers and footers unlike the vast majority of the visual page builders out there such as a visual composer and Divi.

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