How We Get 15%-30% Conversion Rates For Our Paid Search Ads

In this post, I’m going to explain the thought behind the processes that allow us to regularly run “unicorn” PPC campaigns.

As of today’s post, we do not have a single ad campaign for a law firm that is converting at less than 15%.  Our best was doing over 30% for the first few weeks of Feb, but has dropped to 24%.  We are getting three to five times the number of client phone calls for our firms in comparison to the industry average (3%-4.5%) and we’re spending 1/3 to 1/2 of Google’s suggested bids for these clicks.  I’m going to give you a high level explanation of how we do it.

First of all, why focus on conversion rate and cost per action?

Ultimately, the goal of most legal marketing is to get new business.  The responsive website, professional photos, slick video, well-planned social media posts, informative blogs, and all of the other efforts that we undertake to drive our digital presence have one goal: get people to hire the firm.  Conversion rate tracking tells you how well you’re doing that.  Cost per action tells you how much it costs you to do it.

Why you should care about your conversion rate more than anything else.

Get out your digital scissors.

It’s time to start cutting.  You want to start optimizing your Adwords accounts by cutting out the bottom 25% of your performers.  If you’re spending money on clicks that aren’t turning into clients, stop.  If you’re spending money to get a type of case that is less profitable than another type, stop.

You need to start by looking at:

  • The time of day that the fewest people convert
  • The days of the week that the fewest convert
  • The keywords that have the lowest ROI
    • A side note on this one.  If your PI cases are worth $3,000 and a will nets you $400, but the cost per acquisition is the same, stop blowing money on clicks for $400 jobs and start spending that money on your PI keywords.
  • The devices that convert the worst
    • Do desktop users tend to contact you more often than mobile?  Then stop blowing money on mobile searches.

You can find these numbers under the “dimensions” tab in your Adwords account. (second from the right)

law firm conversion rate optimization

This is not a one-time thing.

You should be constantly revising your account and getting rid of anything that isn’t performing.  After paring it down to its strongest performers, it should look something like this:

49 phone calls with 39 conversions from a $1,188 spend?  Fine with me.


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