Is Yext a Scam?

Frank Olivo

Frank Olivo is the founder of Sagapixel. He writes on a number of topics related to digital marketing, but focuses mostly on web design and SEO.

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No, Yext Is Not A Scam.

It Is Ludicrously Over-Priced, However.

If you own a business, they have called you.  They even call us, an agency that does exactly what they do, only at 2% of the cost.  So should you sign up? What exactly does Yext do? Is it a scam?

The service that Yext provides is a local citations service.  They go to around 50-70 web directories and list your website for you.  One time.  Unless you move, change phone number, or change the name of your business, there is no more work for them to do, yet they still charge hundreds of dollars a month in monthly fees.  If you cancel—which some claim is incredibly difficult—all of your listings disappear.  So they get you hooked on their service for a few grand a year after a few hours of work.

Really classy move, Yext.

Can’t I Do This Myself?

Absolutely.  The hard part is finding the directories to list on, but we actually have a list of them in another post.  It’s probably a 5-6 hour job, but it’s a once and done.  We provide local citations services for business owners that are too busy, but if you have a staff member that you trust to handle it, have him or her do it.

Why Do I Need To Do This In The First Place?

The way that you get into Google’s local three-pack results is through local citations.  Essentially, your Google My Business information is being confirmed by all of these other directories; someone performs a search and the algorithm determines what to deliver to them.  If 40 different directories are confirming your info and 3 are confirming your competitor’s, you’re likely to come out ahead.

Can I Expect To Get Business Leads From The Directory Listings?

With the exception of Yelp, Homeadvisor, and some other niche-specific directories (like Avvo, Angie’s List, etc) I wouldn’t hold my breath.  We see the analytics of a lot of local websites, and we see very little referral traffic from directory websites, and even less conversions.  Getting listed in these local directories is valuable, but mostly as an SEO tactic.


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