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Through site architecture improvements and content pruning, we brought this client to #1 for their target head term

workers comp lawyer case study

*white line indicates the beginning of our engagement, blue line is organic traffic


for workers’ comp lawyer + city


Keywords on page 1—up from 5 when we started


Visitors /mo, up from ~200


This was a well-known workers’ compensation lawyer in a major U.S. market that had been floundering between positions #13-#15 for “workers’ comp lawyer + city” for some time.

The first thing we noticed was an excessive number of links in the navigation, footer, and body of the home page—over 225 in total. This had the effect of diluting the amount of link equity being passed to important pages on the website targeting valuable keywords.

The second thing we noticed were the hundreds of articles on the website that had received 0 clicks in the previous 12 months. Even before Google’s Helpful Content Updates, we knew this needed to be addressed.

The third thing was haphazard internal linking. There were articles and pages throughout the website linking to dozens of different pages with anchor text using target keywords such as “workers’ compensation lawyer”—definitely not the best practice of linking to one page with the anchor text you’re hoping that page with rank highly for.


We addressed all of the aforementioned issues:

  • Pruned the outgoing homepage links down to 64
  • Deleted and consolidated several hundred zero-click articles
  • Looked for internal links using some variation of “workers’ compensation lawyer” going anywhere other than the target URL and swapping out the link to that page

We promptly reached middle of page one within a month, and never left there. Today, three years later, the firm is still the top result for its head terms.

Traffic has steadily increased and the firm has enjoyed growth.

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