SEO Case Study


Brought Brand-New Telemedicine Client to 38k+ Monthly Visitors

telemedicine SEO case study

*white line indicates the beginning of our engagement, blue line is organic traffic


“online ______ treatment” within a mo.


Monthly visitors within a year

Lowest CPA

Of any marketing channel, including social & PPC


This was a telemedicine startup competing against major players in the competitive healthcare space. Our competition included websites spending millions of dollars on social media ads, as well as established players with Domain Rating (DR) 70+ websites.

We decided to undertake a content marketing strategy targeting keywords on the buyer’s journey for someone that is investigating treatments and diagnosis of a specific condition.

We also optimized the home page to attempt to rank for “online _______ treatment” and performed a technical audit.

We also began link building for the brand.


Within a month, we were ranking #1 for their target “online ______ treatment,” resulting in organic search being the marketing channel with the lowest CPA for the company.

Organic traffic grew steadily during our engagement, hitting around 40k visitors/mo within a year.

We also oversaw an overhaul of the website and a migration from Wix to WordPress, which was accomplished without seeing a decrease in organic traffic.

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