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After a slow start with a well-known digital marketing agency, Sagapixel helped catapult this client to a leader in the search engine results.

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*white line indicates the beginning of our engagement, blue line is organic traffic

3 Months

to outranking competitors


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For the medication’s head term


This client was a telemedicine platform 6 months into an engagement with a large, private equity-backed digital marketing agency on the West Coast. Progress was coming along extremely slowly.

We did a brief content audit and found two issues common with web content:

  1. Many of the articles were not targeting any sort of query. Article titles such as “I Could Really Use Some Help Around the House” do not answer a question people are “asking” Google.
  2. Many of the articles were not on the buyer’s journey. One of the examples was the article “What is Condition?” In this case, there is no patient suffering from this condition that is potentially looking for treatment that doesn’t know what it is.

Articles like these are a waste of resources.

We recommended a different approach to content, which would focus entirely on signs & symptoms keywords/topics, as well as bottom-of-funnel keywords on the buyer’s journey. We also set an ambitious goal of getting more traffic to the website than any competitor within 90 days.


We met our goal. By the end of June, we surpassed the competitors identified by the client. In the following months, we saw a 5x increase over their traffic, peaking out around 34k.

We also saw their product pages ranking on page 1 for the medications they prescribe, outranking Wikipedia. The cost per acquisition for organic traffic turned out to be many orders lower than any other channel, and the company has enjoyed steady growth in revenue.

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