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SEO doesn't always take 3-6 months. In this case, we got results within 3 weeks.

home care phoenix results

*white line indicates the beginning of our engagement, blue line is organic traffic


monthly searches for “home care scottsdale” and close variations


monthly searches for “home care phoenix” and close variations


weeks from the start of our engagement to see results


You may commonly hear that SEO takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to see results.

This is often the case with brand new websites working with small budgets, but should not be the case for:

  • An established business that’s had a website for over 20 years
  • A market and industry thought leader running a successful radio show
  • A well-designed website with a good user experience and well-written content

However, an initial look at the website showed that the developer lacked a grasp of basic technical SEO—which usually equates fast results when fixed.

To start, they were multiple pages using the target keyword “home care + city” in the title tags and H1 tags, and Google had chosen to rank one of the pages deep in the site architecture for this query.

Second, 90% of the pages on the website had not seen a visitor in 6 months—not exactly a sign of “helpful content.”

Third, there were no pages targeting all of the more specialized and often high customer lifetime value areas of home care (overnight care, 24-hr care, etc.)


To start, we applied a canonical tag to the internal page that was ranking for this query, indicating to Google that they should be ranking the homepage for this targeted keyword. We then went through the title tags of the website and removed any that were cannibalizing the homepage’s targeted keyword.

We then took the home page content and performed a light edit to add some entity optimization around the city and service. We also migrated from Yoast to RankMath, which has a much better Schema implementation. This allowed us to add LocalBusiness and health-related schema, vs. the generic “Organization” schema generated by the Yoast Plugin.

We noindexed the category and tag pages and performed some other basic on-page SEO.

Within a week of getting the revised content on the home page, we went from position #42 for “home care scottsdale” to position #6.

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