SEO Case Study

Private Equity Firm

3x Organic Traffic to Website in 6 Months—While Focusing on Driving Relevant Traffic

*white line indicates the beginning of our engagement, blue line is organic traffic


Increase in Organic Traffic

5x Increase

In Average Sales Qualified Leads/Wk

25 DR

Outranking 70+ DR Websites


We’re including this as a case study because its results are very typical of our content-focused SEO campaigns. We began working with a private equity firm with aggressive investor acquisition goals in March 2021.

The company had seen steady increases in organic traffic after hiring an in-house SEO, but encountered some challenges once he tendered his resignation in January 2021.

Plan Content That Targets Savvy Investors—Not College Students

Upon delivering our website quality audit, we found that much of the organic traffic was going to articles that didn’t align with the savvy investor the company wished to target through content. For example, the blog contained articles illustrating how to calculate financial measurements such as NPV and IRR, measurements that are taught in college Finance 101 courses.

We redirected the company’s content strategy to only focus on the types of searches a savvy investor would perform. This largely consisted of esoteric financial measurements that only an accredited investor would research.

Consolidate and Redirect Pages Getting No Traffic

Additionally, the blog had many instances of articles targeting the same keyword intent, resulting in roughly 1/3 of the articles getting no traffic at all. Often, these articles would cover unique subtopics that, when consolidated into a better performing post, could help those other articles to rank better.

We took the crawl we performed and identified any articles getting no visitors that had been published at least 6 months before. We took all of these articles and pasted any unique sections that could add value to a related article, then redirected them.


We increased traffic 300% in the first 6 months of our engagement.

We also increased the average weekly sales qualified leads from 4 to 16. The firm had a minimum required investment of $50k, with its average investor committing $150k—these were highly valuable leads.

This was all in the context of a terribly competitive space.

Our client is competing against Investopedia, Motley Fool, Rocket Mortgage, and the like.

Despite have an Ahrefs’ Domain Rating in the low 20s while a typical competitor was 70+, we were able to outrank them for a number of valuable keywords and drive those searchers to our client’s website.

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