SEO Case Study

Plastic Surgeon

83 to 4000 Visitors/mo in 6 Months

Liposuction Clinic - Chart

*white line indicates the beginning of our engagement, blue line is organic traffic

Page 1

for how much is x procedure — Nationally!


for their main procedure in their market

Positions 5-9

for BBL + city


This client is a plastic surgeon with two offices; one in a metro with roughly 3 million people, the other in a market with roughly 1 million. They specialize in all types of liposuction and fat transfer.

Their previous agencies did quite a number on their websites, making ill-advised decisions such as creating two identical websites, one for each market, launching them on subdomains. In addition, the content was identical between the two cities/subdomains, which would likely result in pages not getting indexed by Google.

We began by consolidating the two websites into one.

We also made the decision to attempt to rank the same pages for both markets, an approach we had never taken before. This involved optimizing the content for queries such as procedure in City A & City B, an approach we weren’t sure would work, but that the client was ok trying.


Within 5 months, traffic peaked at around 6500 visitors/mo (see screenshot).

We were successful in getting the service pages to rank in both cities, with the target keywords in the middle to bottom of page 1.

Most importantly, we filled the clinic’s pipeline and calendar.

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