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5x Increase in Organic Traffic for Divorce Lawyer in Philadelphia

seo case study for divorce lawyer

*white line indicates the beginning of our engagement, blue line is organic traffic


The client was a well respected family law firm in Philadelphia, PA that wished to increase the amount of organic leads it was receiving.

When we began our engagement, the website was almost on page 1 for queries such as “divorce lawyer philadelphia,” but still wasn’t on page 1 and generating intakes.

In addition, the blog topics didn’t quite align with the sorts of queries potential family law clients search for on Google. This is a common mistake committed by both website owners and mediocre SEO companies: writing articles that don’t target an actual query (or target one that is too competitive for that website).


The website saw a 5x increase in organic traffic, as well as page 1 rankings for keywords such as “philadelphia divorce lawyer.”

Much of this traffic is to blog posts answering questions about child custody, an area of family law that many clients have questions about and that can be a rich source of leads.


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