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Law Firm

From <10 visitors per day to hundreds—on a minimal SEO budget.

law firm case study

*white line indicates the beginning of our engagement, blue line is organic traffic


When we began working with the Boonswang Law Firm in 2015, it had already worked with several well-known SEO companies that deliver SEO services for law firms, having seen no progress. We were determined to not add our name to that list. The website saw almost no traffic (see Ahrefs screenshot below).

Content Strategy

Just like patients Google their symptoms before they visit a doctor, legal clients Google their legal issues before they contact an attorney. For certain areas of law, this can be an opportunity to get in front of these clients.

The Boonswang Law Firm represents the beneficiaries of life insurance claims that have been denied—an area of law where the clients have hundreds of questions.

We developed a content strategy to uncover the sorts of questions these clients have and answer them on the firm’s blog. The questions largely focus on whether an insurance company was justified in their reason for denying a claim. Typically, these sorts of queries only occur after the client receives a denial letter—denials that are often done in bad faith and that can be contested.


The firm has seen regular growth over the last several years, allowing it to expand and hire additional attorneys


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