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You know those law firms that seem to get endless numbers of leads thanks to the SEO they’ve done?

They’re our clients.  Why aren’t you?

We are a local SEO agency with with a team dedicated to SEO for lawyers. We offer services ranging from SEO consulting to full-service SEO. Whether you have a specific issue you need assistance with or you simply want to get your site ranking, we can help you.


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No Long-Term Contracts

Our performance keeps our clients, not our agreements.

SEO Consultants that Specialize in Attorney SEO

Some businesses just need some guidance with their SEO efforts. Need a fresh set of eyes to check your SEO? Our consultants can help you.

Keyword Research, Content Creation, Linkbuilding, and SEO Strategy

Whether you simply need a partner to help you handle specific SEO tasks such as keyword research or you want a full-service SEO campaign, we can help you.

Our Approach to SEO

We know—there's so much conflicting information out there.

You’ll talk to one SEO agency that swears by what they do, then talk to another one that says the exact opposite thing is what works.  Without getting too much into details, we can assure you that we employ what are considered industry best practices.

Perform Keyword Research

Keyword research is not about deciding whether to use the word “attorney” vs. “lawyer.”

Its purpose is to uncover keywords related to your area of practice that can drive client leads and engagement with your site. For example, someone searching for “legal separation process in philadelphia” needs a family law attorney just as much as someone searching for a “divorce lawyer.”

We’ll uncover these terms so we can later optimize for them.

Create Throrough, Engaging Content

Once we’ve identified the keywords and topics people are searching for, we create blogs and videos about those topics.

During the keyword research phase, we will have identified related topics that we will be sure to cover, indicating to Google that your post covers the topic thoroughly.

We will also be sure to include images and formatting that make people want to stay and read what we’ve produced.

Promote Your Content

If no one knows about your post, it’s going to take a lot longer for anyone to ever find it.

We’ll reach out to blogs that would potentially be interested in what we’ve produced. We’ll promote it on social media. We’ll shoot it out to your email list.

Once your post starts earning links, it will begin driving quality signals that will not only help your post to rank, but that will help your entire website.

SEO Strategies to Help Your Law Firm in the Long Term

Google’s entire business model depends on being able to deliver the most relevant, accurate results to people that are looking for stuff online. They also have some of the smartest minds in the world developing algorithms to help it accomplish this. With every update Google gets better at delivering improved search results.

As long as we and our clients are delivering valuable content that helps people to find what they are looking for, Google will continue to show our websites in the search engine results.

As long as we develop an online footprint that reflects the quality of your practice, your law firm’s webite will continue to rank.

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