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The importance of your law firm’s website content cannot be overstated.
From the SEO benefits of having targeted keywords included throughout your site, to identifying topics that have the potential to drive intakes, to crafting messaging that will communicate what your firm can offer, a legal content writer can do wonders for the performance of your website on the search engines.
While many think that legal content for SEO is simply a matter of “putting the right keywords on the website,” today it is a lot more involved than that.
Effective legal blog content targets the questions and topics that a prospective client researches on Google far before he or she searches for an attorney.
By identifying topics aligned with your area of practice that have the highest search volume, you will have the opportunity to present yourself as the authority on the topic, getting to the client without having to compete for ultracompetitive keywords like “________ lawyer near me.”
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Writers to help with your website copy and law firm blog content

Compliant with ABA attorney advertising rules

Our copywriters will ensure that your website's content will not run afoul of attorney ethics rules. We also provide web design services that will ensure that your site is fully compliant.

Legal Blog Writing Services

Our company is one of just a handful that has attorneys and other legal professionals on staff to produce your firm's legal content. By having an experienced SEO writer planning your blog content, you will avoid wasting time on topics that you are unlikely to ever rank for or that will never drive any significant search traffic to your site.

Law Firm Web Content Writers

You may have hired a developer to build your website, only to realize that it didn't include writing the copy for your site. You're too busy to write 1500 words of copy about your firm and need someone to deliver—we can help.

Ready to Optimize Your Legal Content for SEO?

The Key Benefits of Hiring an
Experienced Legal Content Writer

You Can Get Back to Practicing Law

There is an opportunity cost with spending a day writing copy for your website.

This is time that you should be spending on billable hours or business development, especially when considering that a team that writes web content for a living will likely produce better results than someone that doesn’t.

Avoid Wasting Time

The biggest pitfall in writing your own blog content is the likelihood of wasting your time.

An experienced legal blog content writer has the SEO tools and knowledge that enables him to distinguish between content topics that are likely to drive traffic and those that are likely to end up on page 7 of Google.

Increase Your Search Engine Rank

An experienced legal content strategist will be able to better optimize your content for search than a non-SEO. Start generating traffic from potential clients as they perform research related to their legal issues, even before they recognize the need they have of your services.

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