What Are Google Posts? – All You Need to Know

What Are Google Posts? – All You Need to Know

I have to admit, I really like Google My Business and I’m glad to see that they are rolling out more and more features for local search.  If you found this post, you’re likely interested in finding out what the new “Google My Business Posts” are and how you can use them.

Look! There’s a Whole New Section to My Google My Business Profile!

google my business posts explanationNow, we can add posts directly to the knowledge graph results for our businesses.  This will be useful for a business that wants to communicate information beyond the basic name, address, phone number, reviews, and hours of operation.

Now, we will be able to communicate information such as:

  • Events that we are holding
  • Specials that we are running (as we did for Active Fitness over to the right)
  • Important news, such as welcoming a new team member to the business
  • Sharing blog content from our site (not that you can share it per se; you can post a link to it through your Google My Business profile)
  • Pretty much anything that you would want to communicate to a person that is researching your business



Great, how do I post from my Google My Business account?

When you log into Google My Business, you’ll see this screen:

Google my business first login

You need to scroll down to your locations.  If you don’t see a bunch of maps, and see something like the photo below, you need to click on the six little boxes icon below “download insights.”

walkthrough of google my business posts

google my business resultFind the the card for your business and click on “manage location.”  Once you click on it, you’ll see the Google My Business screen for that specific business.  This has always been useful, since it allows you to respond to reviews, add photos of your business, all that fun stuff.

Now, you’ll notice that below the “home” button, you have a “posts” item.  It is telling that Google placed it right below the home button; the company clearly wants you to do Google My Business posts, otherwise it would not have placed it in such a prominent place.


how to post from google my business

When you click on “posts,” you’ll see a prompt for “write your post.”

write your google my business post

You definitely want to add an image and a button, so add your image, then click on “add a button.”

add link to your site through google my business posts

As you can see, it allows you to create a link to a page on your site and add a call-to-action.  This is a really cool feature that will allow you to share links to specific content on your site, such as promotional specials, events, blog content, or whatever you may want people to visit on your website.




Use any and all features that Google My Business provides.

If you are a local business, you want to do all that you can to stay in Google’s good graces.  Providing as many images, review responses, posts, 360° pictures, or anything else the company asks of you will likely increase your business’s likelihood of ranking in local search.  Additionally, Google My Business posts will help you to communicate information to people that learning about your company.  This is an opportunity to potentially:

  • help someone find some valuable information about your business
  • get someone to attend an event that you are hosting
  • increase the likelihood that someone will find a piece of content that you are sharing
  • provide favorable info to someone that is considering your business for a future purchase

Whether you begin doing Google My Business posts to help increase your rank in local search or to help communicate with people searching for your business, this is likely to be an attractive feature that you should explore.

What ideas for Google My Business posts have you come up with?  Please share and comment.




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