How to Find Easy-to-Rank-For Keywords and Blog Topics w/ Ahrefs

Frank Olivo

Frank Olivo is the founder of Sagapixel. He writes on a number of topics related to digital marketing, but focuses mostly on web design and SEO.

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Find easy topics that you’re likely to rank for

Hey everybody, this is Frank, rocking the Sagapixel t-shirt today and I’m going to be showing you how we use the tool Ahrefs to identify blog topics that are going to be relatively easy to rank for, but that actually drive some search traffic to a website.

So let’s check it out.

Start with keyword research

Here we have a topic that I’ve selected for a client of ours, that we did an eCommerce website for a few months ago. He basically sells different products to help you bind your own book or report or presentation at home. He’s been struggling to rank against some really big players in the market, but players that have not really done virtually anything in the ways of content marketing.

Let’s start with book binding and what we can find. The number two topic right here is this DIY book binding. I expanded it out into the keyword explorer and clicked on the search engine results page and found that most of what is actually ranking right now is social media stuff, YouTube, YouTube, YouTube, there’s a DIY book binding page and DIY Network is the top related result here.

What other keywords does the page rank for?

What I found was interesting was that there are 687 other terms that this page ranks for. I think that that will be really helpful in helping our client to organize his thoughts and the topics that he’s going to be covering in his complete guide to DIY book binding for the total newbie or something along those lines. We’re gonna see there’s some decent search volume behind some of these queries, like how to bind the book, DIY book binding, some of the other ones that I saw in here, bind your own book, photo book binding, not super high volume but this could be something that we throw maybe a little section within the guide.

Earn some trust signals

But basically, have this be a blog post, a 2000 word everything that you need to know guide to basically the product that this guy sells so that maybe one of them is gonna be something he starts driving some traffic through and eventually he’s able to earn some trust signals that then tell the search engine that this post, people that land on this post after they search for how to make a book by hand, that they land on that page, maybe this is a little less difficult to rank for, and maybe the search engine will learn that people that come to the page for this term seem to like it. Maybe we should throw this page as a result for some of these other queries such as how to bind pages. If he’s going to then start sending some trust signals for these searches, then maybe create like a snowball effect where he is now ranking for a whole bunch of different terms that are related to this topic.

I have used this tactic to great success for a lot of our clients and even our own website at where I have a whole series of reviews and tutorials that I’ve done, such as this one, just talking about SEO tools that have driven a lot of search trust signals and I’ve seen that a lot of our posts that only started off ranking for a couple terms here and there over time started ranking for a lot of other things that were kind of like secondary topics that we touched upon in the post that afterwards ended up driving a decent amount of search traffic to the website.

Find keywords that we might be able to rank for

For him, basically we’re going to go through this tool, we’re gonna look through all of this different stuff to identify first of all things that have a keyword difficulty that’s going to be in a reasonable range where we’re going to be able to rank. I don’t think he’s gonna be able to rank for a 33 key word difficulty, but maybe he will for a 12. Once we’re actually in there, finding a whole bunch of different topics that other websites have been able to drive some search volume for that we’re also going to be able to target kind of as secondary topics.

Grab a trial with Ahrefs

Hopefully you’ll be able to grab Ahrefs. They have a seven day, seven dollar trial that you can use. I recommend that you give it a shot. Use the keyword explorer, check the organic keywords, look for stuff that has volume of at least 50 or 100 and that doesn’t have key word difficulties that are not going to be something that you are potentially going to be able to rank for on your site.

Make a mind map

Pro tip, before I go, if you have a hard time finding what parent topics you think you’ll be able to cover, I highly suggest you do a mind map of your entire business. If you are in the basement waterproofing business, so you could start off with basement waterproofing and then have some lines coming off what we’re talking about, okay, well with the basement waterproofing you have French drains, you have sump pumps, you have those leech runs, the things that go … I forgot the name of them, they run along the exterior of a basement.

Then from there, there are all kinds of other topics, like from sump pumps you can then get into the topics of how much does it cost to get a sump pump installed? What are the different types of sump pumps? What kind of sump pump do I need for this sort of … If I have a floating slab, what do I need if I have something else? Then using that to prepare yourself mentally for the different topics that you can then throw into Ahrefs like this. This is perfect when you’re running into a wall as far as like, “What the hell should I be throwing in here in the first place?”

Hopefully this was helpful. I really recommend that you subscribe to our YouTube channel or our blog so that you can keep up to date with these different types of tutorials that I’m showing you.


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