5 Features of the Yoast SEO Plugin You Should Use

5 Features of the Yoast SEO Plugin You Should Use

Hey, what’s going on friends, this is Frank from Sagapixel and today I’m gonna be showing you five features of your Yoast SEO WordPress plugin that you probably aren’t using and you should learn about.

So let’s get started.

You’re probably already familiar with the SEO title and meta description features of your Yoast plugin but there are a number of other ones that you should be paying attention to.

Number 1: Adjust the URL of Your Post

You can actually adjust the slug of the URL right from this plugin. What I mean is that, this is a second place where you’re able to adjust the actual URL that’s going to be showing up for this post. It’s not the most important thing in your SEO arsenal, but it’s something that doesn’t really take a lot of effort to do, you may as well just include the keywords that you’re trying to rank for in the URL.

Number 2: Index or Noindex This Post?

If you go over to this gear right here, there are a number of important features that you may or may not be using. The first one, ‘index-no Index.’ if you want Google, Bing, Yahoo to find this post or this page, this has to be set to index. If you have something that you don’t want them to find, let’s say for example you have some sort of posts or content that’s specifically for your employees and you want to use only internally, this should be set to no index.

Number 3: Follow or NoFollow Links?

Next feature: the ‘Meta Robots Follow.’  So you’re gonna have links in a lot of your posts and a lot of your pages, if you want these to be follow links, you have to have this set to follow. If you have a lot of links going out to another website or you’re concerned about maybe having your page or your post getting flagged as being spammy, you want to set this to nofollow. I’m not gonna really get into the reasons why you should follow or nofollow your posts but I will say that if you’re iffy about it, if you’re not a hundred percent sure whether you should be doing a nofollow, do a nofollow. It’s just a good way to CYA.

Number 4: Rel=Canonical

Next thing, duplicate content. Right here you have this canonical URL feature. If you are reusing content that you placed somewhere else on the internet, you want to set this canonical URL. So let’s say for example I did a guest post or I did a post on LinkedIn or I did a guest post for another website and I want to maintain a relationship with that other website or I want to possibly avoid having Google flag this content as scrapped because that one maybe is older and it already knows that this post is out there on the Internet. If I want to tell the search engine that this is a duplicate content, the original is someplace else and I’m vouching for that original piece, you want to put the URL of wherever that original piece is right here. There are a number of reasons why you want to do that, I’m not really going to get into them but I will link to some of them right here below in the transcript, but it’s just really something that you want to take care of.

Feature 5: Custom Social Media Image and Descriptions

Last feature, you have this social sharing button where you can make some adjustments to set a Facebook specific title or a Twitter specific title to your post when it gets shared. While you may or may not want to do these, I’ve never really had a reason that I’ve been able to identify for having a separate Facebook description or title but down here, the Facebook image, this may actually be worth doing. I found that often the featured image for my WordPress blog isn’t necessarily going to be optimized for Facebook or for Twitter which both require different sorts of dimensions, different scales. If you have a specific Facebook image that you can use, it’s cropped specifically for Facebook, this is a place where you can set that.

So I hope that this post has been useful. I know that people are not using Yoast SEO WordPress plugin to its full capabilities and I hope that you will now be able to use some of these features to improve the SEO of your website or your blog.

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