The 9 Top Benefits of Advertising with Google Adwords

Clicks to Cash: What Are the Benefits of Advertising on Adwords?

Google Adwords is perhaps the most robust advertising platform that has ever been available to a small business. It provides unparalleled amounts of data on an ad campaign, allowing any advertiser an unprecedented amount of information about the campaign and the people it reaches. 

There are a number of benefits to advertising on Adwords:

  1. Ads at the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) – An advertiser has the ability to place an advertisement in front of the buyer in the crucial moment when he or she is ready to buy.
  2. Relevance – It is one of the only forms of advertising in which the ad is almost certainly relevant to what the viewer wants.
  3. Allows for Split-Tests – The platform allows us to test ads against one another.  This can be used to develop the perfect slogan, find the perfect value proposition, or gauge customer preferences. Never before was it possible to test ads against one another to create the “ultimate ad.”
  4. Only Pay When Someone Clicks on the Ad – Adwords allows the advertiser to only pay when someone clicks on the ad.  Unlike traditional media, no one pays if no one is interested in what the ad offers.
  5. No Long-term Contracts – One can begin and pause an Adwords campaign whenever one chooses. There are no minimum lengths of time that one must run ads, as is common with television and outdoor advertising.
  6. Provides a Measurable ROI – With Adwords, an advertiser knows exactly how much business is generated by the campaign. This allows the business to calculate an ROI to the penny.
  7. Allows for Highly Targeted Ads – If a product is most appropriate for a specific demographic, an advertiser can set the campaign to only display to a specific age or income level.
  8. Takes Little Time to Get Started – Unlike other media that can take weeks or months to get an ad in front of buyers, one can get started with Adwords in a couple hours.
  9. It Can Inform Your SEO Strategy – Running an Adwords campaign will often provide insights to common questions that customers have, allowing us insights that can be leveraged to improve organic search rank

Advertise When People Are Ready to Purchase

Unlike traditional advertising, Adwords paid search ads only display when a potential buyer is ready to make a purchase.  This allows for a much more immediate impact on the buyer’s purchase decision than traditional advertising such as billboards, radio, or television. 

Paid Search Ads Are Relevant to What People Want

By targeting the ads so narrowly, an advertiser is able to get the message in front of the right buyer just as she is considering a purchase.This contrasts significantly with the interruptive model of advertising in which a TV spot interrupts the thing that the viewer wants to see.  In this case, the ad is much less intrusive and more relevant to the needs and wants of the customer. 

Adwords Allows for A/B Testing

Traditional advertising requires that a final decision be made on messaging before the ad ever runs. Adwords allows an advertiser to come up with a number of different messages and see which drives the most sales.By split testing the message in the ad, the advertiser is able to best understand exactly what message resonates with potential customers. As an added bonus, the general public does not have to suffer through ads that mean nothing to them. 

Only Pay When Someone Clicks on the Ad

An ad may be ignore whether it’s on Google, a billboard, or any other traditional media platform.The difference is that when it is ignored on Google Adwords, there is no cost.This is wonderful for advertisers, since they no longer have to pay for ads that have no impact on their sales. 

No Long-Term Contracts

Traditional media require long-term agreements whether your campaign is a success or not.  Adwords does not require this.It would be entirely possible to run an ad for 5 minutes.  It would also be possible to run it for 5 years.This allows flexibility for an advertiser to test paid search as an advertising medium.  If it does not produce the desired results, the advertiser is not on the hook for another 6 months of advertising expenses.  If an Adwords campaign doesn’t drive sales, you can stop. 

Adwords Provides Ample Amounts of Data to Calculate ROI

Screen Shot of adwords dataUnlike other forms of advertising, Google Adwords allows us to calculate an exact ROI.Given a period of time, we know how much was spent and how much revenue was generated as a result of the ads. This eliminates the uncertainty inherent to much paid advertising, allowing the business to make an informed decision to scale or eliminate paid search from its marketing mix. 

Adwords Allows for Highly Targeted Ads

Without referencing any overused quotes of John Wanamaker, we can identify the parts of our campaigns are the parts that make money and which are losers.It is commonly stated that advertising delivers the right message to the right person at the right time. Google Adwords allows business owners to do this like never before.  Google Adwords provides data that allows us to focus our ad spend on the parts of our campaigns that produce the most desirable results.The advertiser can set:
  • The hours and days of week that buyers may see the ad
  • Demographics to deliver the ad
  • A maximum cost-per-click depending on:
    • The location of the searcher
    • The keyword entered
    • Whether the searcher has been on the advertiser’s website before
    • The day of the week
    • Whether the user is searching on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet
  • Locations where the ad may be seen

It Only Takes a Few Hours to Get Started

Traditional advertising takes days, weeks, or even months to get started.While competitors wait to complete the filming of an ad spot or wait for a magazine to be printed, an advertiser can start a paid search campaign the same day.  Google has produced a number of videos that show advertisers how to get started with Adwords.  You can find it here: 

It Can Inform Your SEO Strategy

Adwords data can be invaluable in finding topics to blog about. One of the biggest challenges of SEO is that it can be incredibly difficult to find topics to blog about that haven’t already been written about extensively.Adwords data can often give insights into the kinds of questions that people have and the way they form those questions.  For example, Adwords may allow you to discover that people have been searching for “lawyers to help with death benefits” vs. “lawyer for life insurance claims,” allowing you to begin using this term that you had never previously considered.

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