Adwords Next: A Preview of the New Adwords Interface (w/ Screenshots)

Adwords Next: A Preview of the New Adwords Interface

I am not a fan of the standard Adwords interface and I think that “Adwords Next” is a step in the right direction.  If one compares the current Adwords interface to the interface of Salesforce, Waveapps, or Hubspot, it feels dated and clunky, and some of its most valuable features are somewhat buried.  The new Adwords interface addresses a number of these shortcomings, though the changes are bound to upset more than a few of its veteran users.

Improvement #1: Valuable Features Are Easier to Find.

Adwords Next Example keywords
It can be difficult for a new to Adwords user to learn of the existence of some of Adwords’ most valuable features.  At the top of this list is the “search terms” tab.  The most underutilized tool in the world of PPC is the negative keyword and the “search terms” tab, which can help a PPC manager to identify negative keywords that should be added.  We get to see the work of other agencies all of the time, often because their client is unhappy with the results that they are receiving and want “someone to take a look at what’s going on.”  The most common issue that we see is that the accounts are getting a lot of irrelevant clicks from ads that were triggered by irrelevant search terms. When we dig into these accounts, we see very few negative keywords added, most likely the result of a novice PPC manager that doesn’t ever check the search terms that are triggering the clients’ ads.  Even the most novice of PPC managers would start adding more negative keywords if he realized that his life insurance lawyer client’s ads being triggered by people looking to get their auto insurance claim paid out (believe me, I see it all of the time) By placing the “negative keywords” and “search terms” tabs so prominently in the interface, this novice PPC manager is more likely to see and click on them in the first place.  Just look at how much more prominent these tabs are now (the difference is even more stark given the smaller sizes of the two images; the negative keywords tab is all but illegible in the “standard” Adwords interface:

Improvement #2: Graphs Are Given More Real Estate on Your Home Screen

Adwords Next Image Overview The tiny sliver of the standard Adwords interface provided very limited information about the account; so little, that I usually minimized it so that I could focus instead on the numbers in the tables.  The new home screen comes with a larger version of this line graph, as well as:
  • a table for the performance of each ad group
  • a breakdown of ad performance per device
  • a breakdown of ad performance during different times of day and days of the week
In my opinion, the latter of these is the most valuable.
As anyone that has ever talked to me knows, I’m a huge proponent of maximizing performance by cutting out waste.  If you have a limited budget for a campaign (which most clients do) you should focus that limited budget on the highest converting keywords, at the highest converting times of day, on the highest converting days of the week.  A quick glance at this graph to right will tell anyone that this account gets the highest converting clicks around lunchtime on Mondays.  This is valuable info that an Adwords manager may have missed by looking at tables.  The new interface may help managers to see this kind of data. Hopefully, PPC managers will gain these kinds of insights as far as their ad performance and how it relates to devices as well.

Improvement #3: Loading

The new interface’s loading feels smoother.  Maybe it’s just that I like to see the progression bar that makes it feel like it’s making progress, as opposed to a gear that may just spin around and around.


The new interface’s colors are more similar to what I see on Salesforce, Waveapps, and some other online interfaces that I use regularly.  The new Adwords UI feels as if it is taking a step towards the future.  

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