PPC Services For Orthodontists

Many people believe a successful Google Ads campaign comes down to how much money you throw at it. 

However, at Sagapixel, we know that successful PPC services for orthodontists require rigorous testing, hands-on experience, and active Google Ads account monitoring.

Grow Your Orthodontic Practice Fast With PPC Management Services

Sagapixel is a certified Google Partner specializing in active, responsive, ROI-driven PPC management services. While SEO, organic social media, and other types of more traditional marketing channels usually take several months to see results, a well-designed PPC campaign can drive leads to your orthodontics practice overnight. 

If your orthodontic practice is struggling to bring in new patients, having trouble getting an effective return on ad spend (ROAS), or struggling to create campaigns and run PPC ads, Sagapixel may be able to help your practice with our PPC services for orthodontists.

After managing tens of millions of dollars in ad spend, setting up thousands of effective Google Ads campaigns, building up massive data sets, and driving qualified leads and more traffic to our clients, we know that PPC will not work with a “set it and forget it” approach

Instead, we take a data-driven, scientific approach to everything we do—from split-testing ads and landing pages to using data from split-testing to actively tweak and improve your campaigns in real-time, securing real-time results.

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Field-Tested Pay-Per-Click Management for Orthodontists

What does our PPC campaign management look like? Here are some of the many essential tasks we regularly perform to deliver impressive results for orthodontic practices.

  • Conversion rate optimization through regular split-testing of landing page design and copy.
  • Determining the search intent(s) behind keywords and queries—is a person only looking for information, or are they looking for an orthodontist?
  • Maximizing your ad spend by actively identifying and adding negative keywords to prevent irrelevant clicks. 
  • Extensive audience monitoring, segmentation, and targeting to help us lower the cost per acquisition, secure more revenue, and improve the impact of your PPC advertising campaigns.
  • Optimization of automated and manual bidding
  • Adjustment of keyword match types
  • Proactive keyword research
  • Quality score optimization
  • Testing of various pay-per-click ad campaign formats (paid search, Smart Campaigns, Performance Max Campaigns, etc.)

ROI-Driven PPC Results You Can Measure

Sagapixel is a digital marketing agency that doesn’t hide behind industry jargon or complicated charts when delivering our PPC ad campaign results to our orthodontic clients.

We’re proud of our work and want your orthodontic practice to understand the value we’re providing. Before we begin working together, we’ll take the time to learn which numbers you care about and deliver them in a format you prefer as often as you’d like.

Our PPC specialists use a Google Data Studio dashboard that is uniquely customized to track the pay-per-click data you need to grow your orthodontic business and generate the results you care about in an easy-to-understand format. 

Plus, we proactively monitor all ad campaigns and report and respond to any issues as they happen, so you are never left wasting money due to an issue on Google’s end.

Past Results

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Med Spa

#1 Rankings for Med Spa in NJ; and 30x Traffic Increases

Home Care

From Position #42 for “home care + city” to Position #6—in 3 weeks.

Home Care

Nurse Next Door #1 for “caregiver” Queries in TX

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Brought New Home Helpers Franchise to Position #1 in 6 Weeks

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Turnaround of Visiting Angels Franchise Organic Rankings

Home Care

Page 1 Rankings for Home Care Agency Throughout PA Suburbs

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Sagapixel Offers Active, Responsive Orthodontist PPC Services

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A/B Ad Testing

Any successful PPC strategy split-tests ads against each other—we’re no different.

  • What calls-to-action get people clicking on your pay-per-click ads?
  • What tweaks to ad copy seem to help your PPC ads get more impressions and a higher CTR?
  • How do adjustments to the ads improve your Ad Quality Score?

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