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Increased the amount of quarterly conversions by 39% and decreased cost per conversion by ~23%.

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decrease in cost per conversion


increase in conversions


increase in clicks


This client is a plastic surgeon specializing in facial cosmetic surgery. They came to us after leaving their previous agency in April 2020 and started SEO/Google Ads with us in May 2020.

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Prior to our engagement with this client, their Google Ads account was very lightly managed. The search query reports were infrequently reviewed, which led to unnecessary spending on informational & irrelevant queries.

Lastly, our audit of the account uncovered that conversions were likely being over-reported, which led to a better cost per lead than in reality. Phone call conversions from 2020 were too similar to be considered a coincidence, so remedying this was a priority so we could deliver an accurate cost per lead.


First and foremost, conversion tracking was consolidated to ensure the leads that were being tracked were correct. We installed Callrail for the client to ensure that all leads were being properly attributed. We also created tailored landing pages for our ads to increase conversion rates.

In Q1 of 2021, we increased the amount of quarterly conversions by 39% and decreased cost per conversion by ~23%. Since then, we’ve steadily increased conversion over time by decreasing the cost per lead.

Our optimizations, which helped decrease the cost per lead, included the following:

  • Utilizing Google’s smart bidding and smart campaigns to drive a lower cost per conversion. These campaigns often brought in clicks at a lower CPC.
  • Weekly search query review to negate informational & irrelevant searches. This has increased the expected CTR for a majority of the keywords.
  • Tailored landing pages by service offering.

In Q2 of 2022, we began using Performance Max campaigns, which have done well in increasing the reach of our ads, in addition to bringing in leads. Over the past 90 days at the time of writing in Q4 of 2022, the account’s performance max campaign outperformed the search campaign for the same service, bringing in Rhinoplasty leads at ~$35.

Overall, since starting with this client, we saw a 43% increase in conversions as of Q3 of 2022.

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