We are a PPC agency serving South Jersey and Philadelphia.

If you need every dollar of your paid search campaign to count, we are your agency

expert adwords/ppc management serving new jersey and philadelphia

We create lean, mean PPC campaigns that focus on achieving a business’s goals.  By optimizing campaigns to direct resources to the most profitable parts of your account, we consistently deliver results that blow past industry benchmarks.

At our agency, your PPC campaign won’t just sit there, wasting money on clicks that do not result in sales.  We are proactive in ensuring that your ads are reaching the right people, searching for the right thing, at the right time.  We optimize our campaigns to cut out any part of an account that is underperforming, freeing up resources for the parts of your account that drive business.

We don’t retain clients by holding them to a contract; we keep them by delivering results.  Our clients do not sign long-term agreements for PPC or SEO.  All of our agreements are month-to-month, and it says a lot that everyone sticks with us.

We teach our clients to analyze the key parts of their Adwords accounts.  If you work with Sagapixel to handle your PPC account, you will understand what is going on in your account and how it is impacting your business.

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We have sophisticated tools that will identify the terms that customers are using to find businesses like yours, the cost to bid on these terms, and their volume.  We will be able to calculate a rough cost per acquisition and ROI.


You will have full access to view your Adwords account.  You will be able to see how many phone calls, emails, or sales were generated by your ads.  You will also be able to track all of the changes that we made throughout the month, allowing 100% transparency into what we are doing for you.


We will research your competitors’ search strategy and plan accordingly.  What can we copy?  What can we exploit?  No campaign exists in a bubble—we will learn what the competition is doing right,  what it is doing wrong, and act upon what we  learn.


Different situtations call for different strategies.  We will deploy the strategy that is most in line with your overall business.

Businesses stay with us because we deliver results, not because they are locked into a contract.


  • Set Goals to Measure Progress

    We begin by identifying the goals that you wish to reach.  Everything that we do from this point has the aim of achieving these goals.

  • What Is Working in Your Niche?

    We research what has been working for competitors within your niche and identify a way to differentiate your business

  • Specific Landing Pages for Each Ad

    We create landing pages that speak directly to the services that each ad set is promoting

  • Test Different Ad Copy, Placements, and Targeting

    Create two versions of everything.  Assume nothing. Test everything..

  • Cut, Cut, and Cut

    Cut out the lowest 20% of your account. Where do your ads perform the worst? At what time of day do they do the worst? What devices are people on when they don’t call or buy something?

  • Test Even More

    We’ve cut out the lowest 20% of your account, but we’re not done.  Continue testing and cutting until you have a lean, profitable PPC account that is exceeding our goals and driving business.

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